Volume 21, Issue 1
January/February/March 2007

Living in Glass Houses 
Increasingly glass is being utilized inside residences 
as well as outside.

Seven World Trade Center: Secure, Sustainable, Efficient and Beautiful 
The first building to be replaced within the Ground Zero area, stands as a glittering glass crystal, as architects at SOM refused to design a bunker-like structure.

Living La Vida Bella 
The Bella Luna condominium project brings elegance to life through extensive use of glass.

More Glass Floors
This is a real growth area that breaks through the glass ceiling.

Bigger and Better Bathrooms
Increasingly, homeowners are getting high-design bathrooms with glass as a key element.

Bath Hardware Design Trends
Today’s contemporary bath calls for stylish, up-to-date hardware.

From the Editor
Glass Tech
Metal Matters
AIA Continuing Education Update

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