Spring 2004

Don’t Panic!
C. R. Laurence Co. Inc. of Los Angeles now has available panic and deadbolt handles for single and double ½- or ¾-inch tempered glass doors.

The new handles are available in a selection of finishes. Customers can choose from brushed stainless steel, polished stainless steel, polished brass and custom architectural finishes, such as oil rub bronze.

Custom handles are available, as well as a selection of more than 20 matching exterior pull handles.
Info or call 800/421-6144.

Locked Up
The E-Plex 5000 and the PowerLever PROX 9000 are two new products from Kaba Access Control of Winston-Salem, N.C.

According to the company, the E-Plex 5000, a stand-alone electronic access control, combines the simplicity and reliability of the Simplex® mechanical pushbutton locks with added security and features of electronic access control.

According to Kaba, the lock provides access control flexibility with four operational modes: single- or dual-credential, passage and lockout. It is also said to be compatible with industry-leading exit device brands.
Info or call 336/725-1331.

Stormy Weather
U.S. Aluminum Corp. of Waxahachie, Texas, has announced that it has successfully completed testing of its Storm Wall series IW 3250 impact-resistant curtainwall system. Series IW#3250 passed Dade County protocol PA 201-94 for large and small missile impact and ASTM E 283-91 (99).

The system’s face dimension is 2 ½ inches and is available in two depths, 6 ¼-inch for 7/16-inch monolithic, laminated glass and 7-inch for 1 3/16-inch insulating laminated glass. The series has no exposed screws and is completely dry glazed.
Info or call 800/627-6440.

One with Nature
Naturalam is a decorative, laminated safety glass from Paragon Glass Industries that features natural wood interlayers. Standard interlayers include zebra wood, American cherry, Japanese cypress, white sycamore, bird’s eye maple and white ash. The glass is suitable for applications such as counter tops, wall systems/partitions, flooring and stair treads, doors and water features.

“Naturalam brings remarkable design expressions in interior and exterior architectural glass, creating visual softness and texture, manipulating light and defining space,” said Ian Patlin, Paragon vice president.

According to the company the interlayers have been tested in large format sizes, with tempered and annealed compositions available. Naturalam can also be insulated for exterior applications.
Info 480/767-8266.

Getting Warmer
Cambridge, Ohio-based Edgetech I.G., working with Lisec, has available automated Super Spacer IG lines.

The Lisec True Warm™ system features vertical, automatic Edgetech Super Spacer application as well as automatic gas filling and automatic secondary sealant application. According to Edgetech, the system allows for fast, efficient material flow with vertical-to-vertical glass handling while accommodating all glass sizes and glass coatings. The company adds that in fully automated configurations the system can produce up to 1200 units per shift without any direct labor.
Info or call 800/233-4383.

Dodging Bullets
San Francisco-based SAFTI has added two new protective features to its fire-resistant GPX frames: bullet- and attack-resistance.

According to the company, the GPX frames were tested recently by Intertek Testing Services and meet UL 752 (1995), level 3 requirements for bullet resistance, as well as ASTM F 1592-01 impact test requirements, grade 1, for sledgehammer attack resistance. 

The aluminum frames are available in most any custom, architectural make-up, including any species of decorative wood, ornamental copper and brass clad, anodized, powder-coated or Kynar or any other custom finish.
Info or call 415/822-4222. 

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