Winter  2006


From the Editor

    Building Better (Glass) Bridges

Welcome to the expanded Architects’ Guide to Glass & Metal. We’ve increased our frequency to six times a year, so now we’ll be bringing you news and information about the glass and metal industry every other month. We are dedicated to serving as the bridge between the glass and metal industry and architects.

Glass and metal systems are only two aspects in the design of a building. However, they are very important ones. The more architects and our industry know each other, the better we can work together.

As you will see on the following pages, there is much innovation going on in the glass and metal industry. Companies are developing and bringing to market new products that offer more versatility and value. And it doesn’t look like the parade is going to end. We know of more new products that are ready to be introduced as well as others that are working their way through the development pipeline.

In this issue we explore the exploding condominium market. Renovation of abandoned industrial sites into large, airy loft spaces has been propelling revitalized downtowns and waterfront areas for the past decade. The windows in these facilities are crucial in the maintenance of the period style of the structure while also bringing it up to date in terms of energy efficiency and today’s aesthetic.

The booming destination and downtown condo construction market is filling the design gap, which is currently being experienced in the slowness of office construction. With their glass facades, glass-enclosed walkways and use of decorative glass for public spaces, these high-rise residential structures have taken the materials and techniques that have been used in the past for commercial construction and used them to develop creative design for residential living.

Your quest is to design better structures. Our industry’s quest is to help you. My personal quest is to build that better bridge between you, the architect and designer, and the glass and metal industry. 

Charles Cumpston

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