Volume 23, Issue 3 - May/June 2009

Annual Guide to New Produts

New, Blue and Cool
Five blue glass tints are now available from PPG Industries in Pittsburgh. Adding to its Oceans of Color ocean-inspired tinted glass collection, Pacifica glass joins the line, while Solarblue glass joins four others in the collection of Earth and Sky Tones.

In addition, three new tints can now be specified by adding Solarcool reflective coatings to Pacifica and Solarblue glasses, or by combining Pacifica glass with the subtly-reflective, color-enriched Vistacool coating.

Try This for “Comfort”
Ti-AC 23™ low-E glass is the newest member of the Comfort Ti™ family of low-E, energy-efficient glass products from AGC Flat Glass North America in Alpharetta, Ga. The new glass has a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.23—the lowest level available in a high-performance product on a clear substrate, according to company information.

Because it blocks the heat and glare associated with high levels of sunlight, while still allowing high levels of light transmittance, Ti-AC 23 is suitable for commercial projects where energy efficiency and glare control are priorities, but aesthetics cannot be compromised. The company adds that the glass has a neutral, aesthetically pleasing blue-gray hue that complements many architectural designs.

Sticking with Neutrals
Designed for both light commercial and residential applications, Neutral 70 is the latest development from Guardian Industries in Auburn Hills, Mich. According to information from the company, Neutral 70, a high-performance, low-E glass, offers superior energy performance when compared to pyrolytic products. It has U-value ratings as low as 0.33, solar heat gain coefficient ratings as low as 0.40 and is color neutral so its clarity helps ensure minimal haze and reflectivity.

architectural metal products
Meeting the Challenge
The effects of heavy rains, high winds, blizzards or hurricane conditions are continuous considerations when designing and constructing buildings. Kawneer Company Inc. is now offering the AA®3200 ISOWEB® sliding door, designed to meet the challenges of thermal, coastal and hurricane conditions. With contemporary hardware, clean sightlines, sound transmission resistance and numerous configuration options, the new sliding door can be used in condominiums, hotels and apartments.

With the company’s high-performance ISOWEB® thermal break, the new sliding door is designed to meet current energy codes, increase end user comfort and provide capabilities for a dual finished product.

For enhanced STC and OITC (sound resistance) performance, the slider accommodates both 1-5/16-inch insulating/laminated glass, and 1-inch insulating glass for improved thermal performance.

The AA®3200 ISOWEB® sliding door has been tested to meet North American performance standards, including air, water, structural, thermal, condensation and large and small missile impact.

Five New Views
Promising creative flexibility for architects and a high level of performance for building owners, YKK AP in Austell, Ga., has launched five new products.

The Luminance™ light shelf is designed to enhance interior daylight and integrate into the company’s standard curtainwall and window wall products. The YWW50T is a window wall system, with an optional slab edge cover, for multi-story buildings. The slab edge cover creates the appearance of a top-to-bottom curtainwall exterior and reduces building envelope cost.

In addition, the company has enhanced its storefront line with high-performance sill flashing. The new sill flashing features a patent-pending design that uses a tab and screw splines to provide a strong three-point attachment.

The Model 40M and Model 50M series doors are monumental swing doors suited for multiple building design uses, and according to company information, durability and wear resistance make them ideal for use in high-traffic areas.

The Model 25 FD doors are flush panel doors that feature a Marine-grade, high- compression honeycomb core material that provides compression-strength performance.

solar glass
Active About Solar
Arch Aluminum and Glass in Tamarac, Fla. and Konarka Technologies Inc., a solar plastic film producer based in New Bedford, Mass., have entered into a joint development agreement under which the companies will explore development of a complete line of attractive, semi-transparent, glass building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) products called Active Solar Glass® (ASG).

Using Konarka’s semi-transparent Power Plastic®, ASG will be available in subtle red, blue and green colors and will also incorporate other passive solar technologies, such as low-E coatings, that will result in energy-efficient windows, skylights and curtainwalls.

In addition, Konarka’s film material is clear enough to be used in traditional vision applications and, with the ability to collect energy at up to 70 percent off-axis, ASG can harvest energy from nearly sunrise to sunset, and can even be used on vertical surfaces.

fire-rated glass
Maximum Design Allowance
A new slim two-hour VDS framing system featuring SGG Contraflam 120 is the latest development from Vetrotech Saint-Gobain based in Auburn, Wash. The 3-9/16-inch profile allows for maximum design while still providing fire protection against radiant heat.

A special thermally broken steel profile system glazed with clear, intumescent, tempered SGG Contraflam 120 allows natural light into a two-hour fire-rated wall assembly while still meeting all code requirements. This system is complemented with a 90-minute door that has a similar profile with SGG Contraflam 90 glass and custom hardware.

Fire Ratings and Beyond
In addition to fire-rated attributes, a number of products from San Francisco-based SAFTI FIRST also offer environmentally friendly features.

The company’s SuperLite II-XL IGU and SAFTIfire GPX assemblies are both tested and certified to meet NFRC 100 (U-value), NFRC 200 (solar heat gain coefficient) and NFRC 500 (condensation resistance). These assemblies are fire rated for up to two hours and meet ASTM E-119 requirements.

Also available is Pyran® Platinum, which the company says is the only glass ceramic that is free of toxins and hazardous heavy metals. Platinum products are designed to offer optical clarity that is free of tints and noticeable distortion. Laminated and filmed versions are also available to meet CPSC Category II impact safety requirements. These fire-protective products are fire rated up to three hours, but do not meet ASTM E-119.

insulating glass
Check Out this “Vue”
Providing a balance of light, comfort, solar performance and sustainability, Viracon in Owatonna, Minn., now offers VUE-50 insulating glass (IG). VUE-50 has a visible light transmittance of 49 percent on clear glass and more than 50 percent on low-iron substrates. It also provides low interior and exterior reflectance and low UV light transmittance. In addition, it has a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.26 and a light to solar gain ratio of 1.88.

The new glass has a subtle blue-gray hue and, because the coating is applied after heat-treating, its flatness is augmented compared to high-performance coatings that are heat-treated after the coating application.

Going “Green”
A new window system by Dlubak is designed to help the environment while saving money and increasing the comfort and beauty of both homes and buildings. Called GreenHeat, the company’s warm window system applies advanced bus bar technology directly to conductive glass, which makes the window a transparent, energy-efficient radiator that can reduce overall energy bills.

GreenHeat comes in a complete system that includes tubular aluminum framing, insulating or laminated glass, and a solid-state controller. GreenHeat can be used in new construction or renovation projects, as well as both residential and commercial.


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