Volume 25, Issue 4- July/August 2011

Education and Resources

Viracon Launches New Glazing Selection Tool
Viracon’s new online Appearance Selector Tool was created to provide architects with a visual representation of how the company’s glass make-ups will appear once installed. The Appearance Selector works in conjunction with the company’s Product Selection Tool, which provides data on energy performance and cost savings achieved with different glazing configurations.

The new Appearance Selector Tool enables the user to select from a variety of glass substrates and coatings to reveal an electronic representation of both reflected color and transmitted color. Substrate choices include clear, green, gray, bronze, blue green, CrystalGray™, OptiWhite™ and SolarBlue™.

Pilkington Online Calculators Feature Interactive Design, Updated Performance Options
Pilkington North America Inc. has redesigned and updated its Sun Management and Thermal Stress online calculators to include an interactive format, new products, updated performance data and improved features.

The Pilkington Sun Management Calculator is an interactive online tool for generating 3-Part Specifications in Construction Specification Institute format. It provides solar, optical and thermal properties of Pilkington glass products, including a variety of exterior appearance color options, a range of glass thicknesses and single- or double-glazing options.

Likewise, the Pilkington Thermal Stress Calculator is designed to help users determine when to heat-treat different types and combinations of glass under different conditions in order to resist breakage from solar induced thermal stress. Also with single- and double-glazing options, the Thermal Stress Calculator offers a wide variety of glazing combinations, and can account for the building’s location and shadows from overhangs.

YKK AP Debuts Online Thermal Performance Calculator
A new online thermal performance calculator, myThermalAssistant, from YKK AP, is designed to provide architects and building professionals with an online tool that can calculate the overall façade system U-factor when using the energy-saving performance metrics of its enerGfacade and other products using the AAMA 507 standard based on NFRC test methods. The tool allows users to calculate overall façade U-factors quickly and is designed to complement its iPad app, Architectural Product Master®.

The new calculator also provides information in a printer-friendly format and is compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.

Tubelite Offers AIA/CES Courses
Addressing the architectural community’s professional development needs, Tubelite Inc. offers educational presentations available through the American Institute of Architects’ Continuing Education System (AIA/CES).

The company’s four, current AIA/CES presentations include:
• Product Selection Guide;
• The In’s and Out’s of Architectural Aluminum Doors and Frames;
• Green: Architectural Aluminum Products for Commercial Construction; and
• Modified and Custom Doors.

In addition, Tubelite also provides the following Health/Safety/Welfare and Sustainable Design programs:
• Daylighting and Integrated Façade Design; and
• Understanding U-Factors.

Each of these courses is available as one-hour, in-person presentations and provides participants with 1.0 learning unit.

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