Volume 25, Issue 4- July/August 2011

New Product Focus


Clear Choices
Combining a high visibility aesthetic with solar control performance and clarity, Solarban 72 is one of the latest developments from PPG Industries. According to Glenn Miner, PPG’s director, construction, flat glass, while Solarban 60 Starphire has historically provided this combination, “Solarban 72 Starphire glass is designed to take the solar control performance to the next level.” He explains that the introduction of Solarban 70XL glass five years ago ushered in new expectations of what a clear glass look could provide in energy efficiency.

“We wanted to expand that experience and coating capability into the ultra-clear market segment,” he says.
Solarban 72 Starphire glass is targeted to applications where high levels of visible light are desired with the minimum amount of color, and the installation still requires performance to maximize energy efficiency.

“The use of Starphire glass as the base substrate is key to achieving the ultra-clear look desired in many applications and regions while the triple-silver coating stack provides significant improvement over our previous offering,” says Miner. “We see Solarban 72 Starphire glass satisfying two channels of demand from architects: those who have used Solarban 60 Starphire in the past and are searching for improved solar performance, and those who have used Solarban 70XL glass and desire higher visible light transmittance and less color.”

According to Miner, Solarban and Starphire glass both convey a wide range of features and benefits for the architectural community.

“The measureable numbers, visible light transmittance and solar control, are obvious and definitely front of mind, but the consistency, color control, support and trust that those brands have developed over the decades are also included in every lite,” he says. “The one thing that comes to mind for me is the light to solar heat gain number of 2.38. Performance and clarity … for a lot of applications, that is the combination that’s been desired and it’s now available.”

System Performance

The new 1600UT (Ultra Thermal) Curtain Wall System™ from Kawneer, which includes the 1600 UT System™1 and 1600UT System™2, was designed to help architects stay ahead of increasingly stringent code requirements. And given increasing demand for thermal performance, as well as larger sizes of glass, Jot Chahal, product manager, curtainwall, sun control and BIPV for Kawneer Company Inc., points out that the new system offers a number of attractive features for architects.

“Among the aesthetic benefits of the 1600UT Curtain Wall System™ is a unique design for the glass setting block chair, which allows for larger glass lites than other triple-glazed, high-performing systems,” says Chahal. “The 1600UT System™2 offers a two-sided vertical structural silicone glazed (SSG) mullion solution that allows greater uninterrupted sightlines while providing enhanced thermal performance. Both systems use concealed fasteners in their joinery construction to create flush and unbroken sightlines.”

Chahal also stresses that the new system proactively addresses code requirements, including the International Energy Conservation Code, ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1, 189.1 and state codes without compromising aesthetics.

The system also can integrate with other high thermal performing doors and windows from Kawneer. It has a thermal barrier design for high thermal performance and multiple thermal performance levels are possible through the combination of 1-inch double or 1 ¾-inch triple glazed units; a captured or SSG configuration; and aluminum or fiberglass pressure plates.

The system is tested in accordance with North American performance standards, including seismic, thermal cycling and dynamic water.

interior glazing
Creative Opportunities InGlass
Guardian Industries has launched its InGlass segment that brings together the company’s entire interior product line to allow architects and designers the opportunity to experience the variety of glass in one place.

Diane Turnwall, Interiors Market segment director, Guardian Industries, says the company’s approach to the interiors segment is unique in several key ways.

“Guardian InGlass is the first comprehensive approach to the interiors segment by a glass manufacturer linking many elements that until now have been disconnected,” says Turnwall.

Included in the new segment is a wide selection of products, including performance products like ShowerGuard and DiamondGuard, decorative products such as Berman Glass editions and DecoCristal back painted glass, as well as traditional glass products such as clear heavy glass or UltraClear low iron.

The new segment also features its own website that allows users to search for products from a variety of perspectives such as the application type they are working on or the type of color family they need for their next project.

Turnwall adds that Guardian InGlass is set up to help identify glass solutions for any one of nine application areas from walls and partitions to elevators and escalators, helping designers explore solutions appropriate for their specific project.

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