Volume 25, Issue 6 - November/December 2011

From the Editor

Relationship Matters

If someone could please tell me where 2011 went, I would appreciate it. This year, it seems, has just zoomed right by. Now here we are, readying for 2012 and all that’s in store—or at least we hope will be in store. As you’ll see from the forecast that begins on page 22, the predictions for next year, unfortunately, are not exactly what any of us would like.

Yet this does not mean we stop innovating and seeking new opportunities. Just look at how architecture is changing globally and the number of amazing projects that are shaping up, like the HQ Building in Abu Dhabi, the first circular building to be constructed in the United Arab Emirates. Designed by MZ & Partners, the unconventional shape of the 23-floor building features two circular, bulbous, curved glass facades.

Do you think we can expect to see more projects of this type in the future? It’s definitely a possibility, but as the architects and contract glaziers interviewed for the article on page 14 say, a collaborative relationship will be a critical component. When architects and contract glaziers collaborate on the design process it can—and often does—result in the construction of some amazing buildings.

The Art Gallery of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, is such an example. Randall Stout Architects was involved with the design assist project, which features a curvilinear, glass and metal façade (turn to page 18 to read more). Stout says that by collaborating, with not only the contract glazier but others involved as well, they were all able to successfully bring the project to life.

So, when you are thinking about 2012 and where you want to go, take a moment to think about collaboration. Is it something on which you can improve? If you already collaborate regularly, what might be some other ways you can strengthen those relationships? After all, the stronger the relationship the more successfully constructed the project could be. And what’s so bad about that?

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