Volume 25, Issue 5 - September/October 2011

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Confused About Fire-Rated Glass?
There’s an App for That
The mySAFTI app from SAFTI FIRST was created to take the guesswork out of selecting the correct fire-rated glazing product for architectural projects. The company says its new interactive design tool allows architects and specifiers to search for products based on the fire-rating or the application right from their iPhone.

With the new app, users can view product fact sheets, size charts, save their favorites or request more information via email. For addi-tional design inspiration, they can also browse the company’s project gallery to view photos
of projects SAFTI has completed across the

Sole Sources
Kawneer Co. Inc. in Norcross, Ga., recently introduced its Solector™ sun shading estimating tool. Developed for use early in the design phase, the estimating tool is designed to enable architects to better determine how blade angles, size and orientation impact the shading performance of sunshades. It can compare shading performance of two scenarios using Versoleil™ Single Blade SunShades on a façade. Additionally, using broad assumptions, the new estimator can provide an estimate of cooling energy and cost savings on an annual basis. Energy savings are calculated based on solar heat gain avoided due to exterior shading of the facade.

Highlighting Anti-Reflective Glass
A new data sheet that quantifies improvements in the performance of SOLARPHIRE AR anti-reflective and Solarphire 2XAR two-sided, anti-reflective glasses is now available from PPG Industries.

The data notes that Solarphire AR and 2XAR glasses can now achieve solar transmittance of up to 96.3 percent in the visible and near-infrared bands of the solar spectrum—from 400 to 1,100 nanometers—which enables photovoltaic components to collect and concentrate solar energy more efficiently.

Solarphire AR glass, which has solar transmittance of 93.6 percent in a 3.2 millimeter thickness, is manufactured with PPG’s anti-reflective coating on one surface of a Solarphire PV photovoltaic glass substrate, while Solarphire 2XAR glass features PPG’s anti-reflective coating on both sides of a Solarphire PV glass substrate.

What’s Your Fav?
Got a favorite resource for glass information? Is there a tool you use frequently for specifications and technical information? What websites do you turn to again and again? We’d like to know! Let the Architects’ Guide to Glass & Metal know what glass-related tools and resources you find most helpful. Just email about the resources you need when it comes to glazing and we’ll share the information right here in this section. We look forward to hearing from you!



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