Volume 26, Issue 4 - July/August 2012

New Product Focus

Architectural Collection Joins Andersen Offerings

The Andersen architectural collection of doors and windows is one of the most recent developments from Andersen Windows and includes its A-Series and E-Series/Eagle doors and windows. According to the company, A-Series products are ideal for those who see themselves in a home with a defined architectural style, while for those committed to pushing style to the limit, the E-Series/Eagle provides nearly infinite options to create a truly unique home.

In addition, the architectural collection’s E-Series line opens design to nearly unlimited possibilities in color, wood species and interior finishes creating new and distinct styles unique to each homeowner.

Andersen says the launch of the collection begins the transition of Eagle to Andersen E-Series/Eagle products, with Eagle gradually migrating to its new name, E-Series doors and windows.

YKK AP Debuts enerGfacade Addition
The new YUW 750 XT unitized wall system for low to mid-rise commercial buildings is the latest addition to YKK AP America’s enerGfacade product line. The new system has a U-Factor as low as .30 and is designed to meet stringent, new energy codes. The YUW 750 XT can be seamlessly configured for multi-span curtainwall applications, single-span ribbon walls and combination elevations. Further enhancing design flexibility, the system can be specified for a fully captured appearance with visible exterior framing elements, in four-side structural silicone glazing for an all glass exterior appearance, or a combination of both.

Developed in cooperation with Erie Architectural Products (EAP), YKK AP’s fabricated systems partner, the new system is available exclusively through EAP.

Curtainwall Gets Pressure Plate Addition
Expanding its selection of products with high thermal performance and condensation resistance, Tubelite Inc. introduced the 400 Series curtainwall with fiberglass pressure plates. “The fiberglass pressure plates are applied from the exterior making them ideal for the lower levels of high-rise buildings and buildings with fewer than six stories. The high thermal performance makes them well-suited for cold climates and high-humidity environments,” says marketing manager, Mary Olivier.

The new series has a 2.5-inch sightline and the strength of variable-depth back-members from 4 to 7 inches, according to the company.

Decorative Glass Spotlight
Cover the Walls with Glass

SCHOTT, in partnership with Expotechnik, has launched a new wall system, a complete package of glass solutions with installations to suit all interior applications, such as illuminated walls and stylish partitions. Utilizing extruded aluminum profiles, the wall system is strong and durable as well as light and attractive, according to the company. The modular construction offers diverse design and set-up options, ranging from free-standing individual room modules to more extensive connected walls. The modules can be equipped with door options, integrated multimedia technology and display cases, and the range includes various sizes of wall frames and additional wall attachments, which can be installed up to 30 feet high.

Glass with Style
Contemporary colors selected for the season from the Color Marketing Group were the foundation of inspiration for Galaxy Glass & Stone’s spring 2012 collection. The new glass products include everything from cool neutrals in grey and white to muted colors with names such as coral spice and golden sunrise, as well as deep rich colors such as hot fuchsia. The product line incorporates not only the latest color trends, but also the versatility of decorative glass lamination and custom glass printing. Selections include glass with smooth or textured finishes, as well as various grades of translucence.

Glass Meets Stone
Imaging Sciences LLC is combining the look of stone in glass in its new Imagine Glass Stone, natural stone images in laminated architectural safety glass. The line is available in sizes up to 72 x 120 inches and is configurable for single- or two-sided viewing. It can be opaque, clear or translucent, including backlit, and color-tinting and book-matching are available as well. A variety of architectural glass thicknesses and types can be specified including annealed, tempered, heat strengthened or low iron. Edge finishing, holes, notches and pattern cuts are also available and the glass can be made with flat or curved profiles.

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