Volume 26, Issue 2 - March/April 2012

Book Reviews

Material Strategies, Innovative Applications in Architecture
Author: Blaine Brownell
While Blaine Brownell’s Transmaterial series introduced designers to hundreds of emergent materials that have the potential to transform the built environment, his latest book, “Material Strategies,” shows architects how creative applications of these materials achieve such transformations. Chapters based on fundamental material categories—including glass—examine historical precedents, current opportunities and future environmental challenges.

Pioneering buildings from some of today’s most forward-thinking architectural firms are showcased in detailed, illustrated case studies.

In the chapter dedicated to glass, Brownell writes, “Although many architects treat glass as an invisible substance that allows direct connections between interior and exterior realms, others appreciate its dimensional and textural capacities to refract and suspend light rather than simply transmit it.”

The book showcases projects and designs from some of the world’s best known architects, including Herzog & de Meuron, Steven Holl, James Carpenter Design Associates Inc. and Zaha Hadid Architects.

Architects' Guide to Glass & Metal
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