Volume 26, Issue 2 - March/April 2012

Continuing Education Corner

Glass and glazing, metal systems and various other fenestration technologies are continuously evolving. As a result itís important for the architectural community to stay up-to-date on the most recent information. One of the biggest trends in architecture, both interior and exterior applications is decorative glass. Stay informed by considering some of these industry courses.

Course Title: Using and Specifying Acid-etched Glass or Mirror in Interior or Exterior Glass Applications
Provider: Walker Glass
Learning Units: 1

This course takes a look at areas such as the acid-etch process; different acid-etched glass and mirror products; applications; contributions to LEED; fabrication processes compatible with acid-etched glass; cleaning; specifications and standards; and more.

Course Title: An Introduction to Decorative Glass
Provider: GANA
Learning Units: 1

This presentation looks at several aspects of decorative glazing, and browses through the basic categories and types of products, discussing the definitions, applications, production and specifying of each. Those taking part in this course will learn the definitions of different types of decorative glass; various design and application possibilities using decorative glass; how the different types of decorative glass are made; and tips on specifying different types of decorative glass.

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