Volume 26, Issue 2 - March/April 2012

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New Online Tool Makes Glass Specification Easier
The NSG Group has launched a new addition to its online tools designed to help specifiers choose the right glass to meet their needs. The Interactive Color Swatch tool enables users to see how different glass ranges would appear installed as a building’s façade.

The tool shows a mocked-up cityscape, with various different building types. Users can select from a range of Pilkington products to see how they would appear on these different buildings. It also provides in-depth technical data to aid accurate specification.

Other tools available include Pilkington Spectrum, a glass performance model that allows users to calculate the key properties of Insulating Glass Units (IGUs) online. It can provide information on light and solar properties, U-values, sound insulation, ultra violet transmittance and color rendering. It can model single glazing as well a double, triple and quadruple glazed IGUs.

Also available online, the Pilkington sound simulator provides an accurate representation of how much external sound is audible through different glass ranges. It simulates the noise levels of various types of traffic background noise, and allows users to compare the technical data and audible performance of several glass ranges.

What’s Your Fav?

Do you have a favorite resource for glass information? Is there a tool you use frequently for specifications and technical information? What websites do you turn to again and again? We’d like to know! Let the Architects’ Guide to Glass & Metal know what glass-related tools and resources you find most helpful. Just email about the resources you need when it comes to glazing and we’ll share the information right here in this section. We look forward to hearing from you!



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