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Our Guide to New Products Offers Innovations Sure to Fit the Bill for Your Next Design

Looking for some new glass products for your next project? Look no further than right here. Companies in the glass and metal industry have launched many new developments that can offer architects and specifiers everything from energy efficiency and high-performance features, creative appeal, increased transparency and much more. Keep reading these next few pages and you’ll be sure to find a few products—if not the whole gamut—that grab your interest.

Guardian’s Got Some Energy Savers
Guardian Industries has added another layer of energy performance control with its first commercial interior surface coating for glass, SunGuard IS 20. According to the company, SunGuard IS 20 improves the effectiveness of its advanced architectural glass when combined with any SunGuard coatings. For example, when SunGuard IS 20 is used with Guardian SNX 62/27, the resulting glass product has a visible light transmission of 60 percent, a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.25 and a U-value as low as 0.20 with argon fill.

Also available is its SunGuard SNR 43, a new glass coating for commercial applications that offers a high light to solar gain ratio and low solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC).

According to the company, SNR 43 joins its other SunGuard advanced architectural glass products designed to improve energy performance and help projects achieve LEED qualifications. It features a visible light transmission of 43 percent and its SHGC is 0.23 on clear float glass.

This New Glass System is to the Point
ClearPoint, a point-supported insulating glass solution now available from Viracon, is engineered to provide building designers with greater flexibility compared to other products. Architectural glass typically is supported by securing the edges of the glass, but with the new system, architects now have more options in aesthetics and in the way the glass is supported. As building designers have an ever-increasing desire for more and more transparency in exterior walls, this new glass option is a way to reduce the amount of framing material that makes contact with the glass. Additionally, ClearPoint performance is optimized with the use of the company’s coating and/or silk-screen options, according to the company.

Give Your Project a Look that’s Lux
Looking for an anti-reflective glass product? McGrory Glass is the North American distributor for Luxar from Glas Trösch AG. Luxar has an anti-reflective Quartz coating on low iron glass to offer less than 1 percent light reflection, according to the company, adding that when supplied as a laminated unit it offers up to 99 percent UV-protection.

The Luxar product has a hard coat, allowing for easy handling and a long shelf life. It is also an ideal product for exterior installations that are subject to environmental stress and constant cleaning, according to the company.

Some typical exterior applications include storefronts, information displays, stadium suites, decks and railings.

scratch removal
Scratch On? Scratch Off
The Essential system from GlasWeld removes scratches from all types of glass without distortion allowing architects to keep their projects on track and glass out of landfills. According to the company, the Essential system contains all the equipment needed to remove scratches, and all of its products are supported by comprehensive training programs available in the form of operational manuals, DVDs, online training and in person at the its headquarters in Bend, Ore.

fire-rated glass
Transparency and Fire-Ratings All in One
While high levels of transparency are a popular design trend, codes continue to mandate increasing performance requirements. Thanks to a recent partnership, architects now have the ability to create safe, fire-rated spaces with increased levels of clarity and transparency. Safti First and PPG have partnered to offer SuperLite II-XL with Starphire ultra-clear, low-iron glass. Listed and labeled by UL and Intertek/Warnock-Hersey, this fire-resistive glass product provides fire and impact safety meeting hose stream requirements from 45-120 minutes, as well as ASTM E-119/NFPA 251/UL 263.

“As a manufacturer, we’ve always strived to give architects the clearest, most innovative, fire-rated glass products for more than 30 years,” says William O’Keeffe, president and CEO of Safti First. “Offering SuperLite II-XL with Starphire Ultra-Clear low iron glass by PPG sets a new standard in clarity, safety and performance.”

“PPG is proud of our association with Safti First and our contribution to what is a highly unique and high-performing product,” says Joanne Funyak, commercial market manager for PPG’s Flat Glass Strategic Business Unit.

doors and windows
Heavy Wall Line Stands Up to Hurricanes
Kawneer Company Inc. has expanded its 350/500 Heavy Wall entrance line to include hurricane resistant 350/500 Heavy Wall IR entrances. Originally developed for heavy traffic applications such as schools, universities or stadiums, the entrances now meet ASTM E 1996 Level E requirements for enhanced facilities.

Kawneer’s line of 350/500 Heavy Wall Entrances offers not only durability and strength, but also protection from severe weather such as hurricanes, persistent rain, wind-borne debris and other conditions that can cause property damage and injury. The entrances feature Kawneer’s corner construction, which has four Sigma deep penetration and fillet welds plus mechanical fastening at each corner.

Energy, Style and Performance — All in One Window
The Crystal Evolution 8800 in-swing casement window series from Crystal Window & Door Systems was created to offer advanced technology, enhanced energy efficiency features and sophisticated European style and design, in addition to architectural performance ratings. And, according to the company, the new casement complements its existing heavy-commercial architectural-rated products. The Series 8800 has achieved a national AAMA testing level for strength and weather resistance of AW-PG100-C.

The zero sightline sash utilizes concealed 4-bar hinges and works with the frame when closed securely by a multi-point lock system. Monticello metal corner keys, which facilitate silicone sealing, draw the mitered sash and frame corners tight as they are fastened. The in-swing casement is available in large sizes up to 48 inches in width and 80 inches in height.

According to the company, the heart of the series’ energy performance is its polyamide I-Bar strut thermal break system. A 1¼-inch insulating glass unit (IGU) with double glazing is standard, while triple glazing, a variety of low-E coatings, argon gas filling and smaller 1-inch units are available options.

A New Double-Hung Window … Or is It?
Mimicking the look of historical windows, Wausau Window and Wall Systems’ INvent Series now includes “simulated double-hung” windows. Wausau’s new 4250i and 4250i-XLT INvent Series features offset glass planes to replicate a double-hung sash, while providing the ease of operation, durability and low air infiltration of projected windows.

According to the company, as part of the Advantage by Wausau standard product offering, these high-performance windows are pre-engineered and factory-glazed, and low U-Factors allow broad expanses of vision glass to meet Model Energy Codes. Combining thermal performance, natural light and outside views, these features may also aid buildings seeking certification under such programs as the LEED Green Rating System.

The series is tested to meet AAMA AW-100 Architectural Performance Class ratings, including new AAMA 910-10 lifecycle testing to 4000 operating cycles.

decorative glass
A Glass Called Boing!

A new series of colorful, highly graphic patterns was created by Pulp Studio to illustrate the depths possible in three-dimensional laminated glass. Called Boing, the series includes strong patterns that pop with color and depth, ideal for use as focal points in hotels, stores, offices or any public space, indoors or out, where glass paneling or partitioning is appropriate. The translucent patterns seem to float within the glass, rather than rest on top or behind, as with similar products.

Boing is made with multiple interlayers, each between a separate lite of glass (two, three, four or more) with a separate pattern, precisely registered upon lamination, to read as a single design. A clear, low-iron glass or a mirror-backed version called Juxtapose can be incorporated.

The patterns can be produced in any color, opacity or graphic concept.

residential windows
90-Degree Wall Gives Views, Aesthetics and More

Kolbe’s Ultra Series 90-degree wall unit wraps a home’s corner for continuous views and a contemporary look. Each side of the corner spans more than 10- by 10-feet, integrating Beveled Direct Set windows and awnings with motorized operators. Highlighting the wall unit’s modern aesthetic, the interior is framed in maple and the exterior is clad with aluminum with a clear anodized finish for a sleek appearance.

Kolbe’s 90-degree wall unit also demonstrates energy-efficient, insulating glass choices. One side of the unit features glass with the LoE2-270 coating, and the other side features LoE³-366, which blocks 95 percent of UV light, according to the company. In addition, LoE³-366 also is formulated to reject unwanted solar heat, allow natural daylight and maintain outside views.

Structurally Strong Glazing Options

Designed specifically for applications in which increased interlayer rigidity and high glass adhesion are required relative to standard glazing interlayers, Solutia Inc. announced the commercial availability of its Saflex DG structural interlayer.

According to the company, Saflex DG provides increased structural capacity compared to standard PVB interlayers and also offers design flexibility, as it is compatible with other Saflex and Vanceva products.

Due to the stiffness of the Saflex DG interlayer, laminates can sustain higher uniform loads with the same glass thickness, or the glass thickness can be reduced and still achieve the same loading, according to the company. The new interlayer can be used with annealed and heat-strengthened glass, providing the opportunity to design with less optical distortion, reduce the potential for spontaneous breakage, allow for view-through capability after breakage and design for applications in which thermal stress may come into consideration.

The Saflex DG interlayer can be used in structural glass applications, exposed edge laminates, floors, stairs, balconies, canopies, point glazing systems, clip systems, captured systems, curtainwall, sloped and overhead glazing and more.

impact products
These Systems Pack a Protective Punch

Helping protect low- and mid-rise buildings in need of storm hazard mitigation, Tubelite’s Force Front Storm monumental entry door systems have received Florida Product Approval (#14563). Designed for compliance with HVHZ Windzones 2 and 3, Force Front Storm doors and frames also are tested to meet Miami Dade large missile impact requirements (ASTM E1886/E1996 - TAS 201) and passed pressure cycling at +100/-100 psf.

The entry doors feature heavy-duty hardware, tie-rod construction, and wide stiles. Single doors up to 4- x 8-feet and pairs up to 8- x 8-feet have been qualified. The units include 1-inch insulating glazing with a laminated pane incorporating a DuPont SentryGlas interlayer.

All of Tubelite’s products are manufactured using EcoLuminum, a high recycled-content aluminum billet composition with eco-friendly finishes.

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