Volume 26, Issue 3 - May/June 2012

New Product Focus

Fingerprints Don’t Stand a Chance
SoftEtch smudge-proof glass from EFI is now available for North American commercial and residential interior designs. The new glass resists stains and is non-reflective, so there’s no glare or fingerprints, according to the company. It is also eco-friendly, having both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

Soft to the touch and customizable in nearly any color, the glass can be used in walls, backsplashes, sliding doors, glass table tops, furniture and more. According to the company, the glass is ideal for high-touch and traffic areas, such as residences, offices, restaurants, hotels, retail and other commercial environments.

Low-Reflection Glass Gives a Clear View
The special applications range of glass products from Pilkington North America includes low-reflective products that can be used in a range of applications. Such products include the company’s OptiView, a color-neutral, low reflective, laminated architectural glass that has low-reflective coatings on the first and fourth surfaces.

According to the company, the coating reduces the interior and exterior visible light reflectance to under 2 percent, and views from the interior and exterior of a building are clear and virtually reflection-free. OptiView is ideal for applications such as museum showrooms, panoramic restaurants, high-rise condominiums, glass atriums and sports stadiums. It provides all the benefits of laminated glass including safety, security and insulation against audio disturbances by dampening the sound. In addition, it provides solar energy control, UV control, thermal performance, design flexibility, protection from severe weather, ease of installation, no visual distortion and more, according to the company.

EssenceGlass Passes Impact Testing
EssenceGlass by Bella Fleur Corp. in Canby, Ore., has passed the National Certified Testing Laboratories (NCTL) impact testing for safety glazing material.

“Our goal is to provide a uniquely beautiful solid-core, reinforced architectural glass panel that encapsulates natural materials like reeds, flowers, grasses and leaves, various hand-made materials, solar fabrics, and even photovoltaic solar cells,” says Jesse Villarreal, Jr., Bella Fleur’s president and CEO. “Passing the NCTL safety glazing test lets our customers know that they are getting a material that is designed and engineered to be aesthetically beautiful, highly functional and safe.” Bella Fleur encapsulates real and sustainable organics from artisans from around the world in 12 initial options with custom styles and fabrication services available. UV inhibitors within EssenceGlass help protect against exposure to UV rays and help keep the encapsulated organics vibrant while letting light through, according to the company.

InLightening Light Shelves
InLighten light shelves from Kawneer Co. Inc. were developed to offer minimal material content, sightlines, weight, installation and maintenance efforts, all while maximizing daylighting and design options at a competitive price, according to the company. The light shelves can be attached to multiple Kawneer curtainwall systems and storefront framing systems, and can be used in both new and retrofit projects. They feature an extruded aluminum chassis system and offer several panel choices. In addition to the traditional opaque Reynobond aluminum composite material panels, lightweight translucent polycarbonate panels are now a standard offering. And, the availability of depths of up to 30-inches (762mm) allows for the overall reflective surface to be maximized, according to the company. In addition, the new light shelves are designed to not interfere with the installation or operation of typical window treatments and have been tested using advanced finite element analysis modeling techniques and physical testing, according to the company.

Rolltech Rolls Out Warm-Edge Spacers
Fenzi North America says the Rolltech selection of warm-edge spacers, manufactured through Fenzi Group, show superior R values for insulating glass. Both Chromatech and Chromatech Ultra are stainless spacers, showing ease of bending and handling of spacer frames during IG production. The use of warm-edge spacers, such as these, will prevent condensation on the IG-unit and the window rabbet, damage on the frame and reduction in heat loss, according to the company.

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