Volume 26, Issue 6 - November/December 2012

Continuing Education Corner

Glass and glazing, metal systems and various other fenestration technologies are continuously evolving. As a result itís important for the architectural community to stay up-to-date on the most recent information. To keep yourself informed about these many options, why not consider some of these industry courses?

Course Title: Pultruded Fiberglass Windows
Provider: Inline Fiberglass
Learning Units: 2

Looking for more information on fiberglass windows? This course from Inline Fiberglass could help. It provides an overview of pultruded fiberglass window systems and compares them with traditional wood, aluminum, and PVC window systems across a wide variety of performance attributes including strength and durability, sustainability, condensation resistance, expansion/ contraction, fabrication and installation.

Course Title: Understanding Residential Window Codes
Provider: Lincoln Windows
Learning Units: 1

Lincoln Windows has developed a new AIA continuing education course titled Understanding Residential Window Codes. Course participants will learn to define specific and specialized patio door and window codes, which promote building safety, energy efficiency and environmental concerns; identify testing procedures and agencies that verify test results for policing the fenestration industry; and more.

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