Volume 26, Issue 5 - September/October 2012

New Product Focus

On Guard

Guardian Industries has introduced two advanced technology glazings for commercial applications—SunGuard PVGU and SunGuard EC. SunGuard PVGU combines Pythagoras Solar Photovoltaic Glass Units (PVGU) technology with SunGuard advanced architectural glass to create a building-integrated photovoltaic product. This replaces standard vision glass and skylights with a glass product that converts direct sunlight into energy, according to the company.

Guardian SunGuard EC incorporates Soladigm Dynamic Glass technology into its SunGuard portfolio of solutions. SunGuard EC switches from clear to tinted on demand, and enables control of heat and glare in buildings while providing comfort, uninterrupted views and natural daylight.

Enhance Insulating Performance
SUNGATE 600 glass and SUNCLEAN self-cleaning glass from PPG Industries are two new products for the commercial building market.

According to the company, Sungate 600 glass is a multifunctional, low-emissivity (low-E) glass designed to enhance the insulating performance of buildings in a variety of climates and applications. SunClean self-cleaning glass, which PPG introduced nearly a decade ago for the residential construction market, is ideal for commercial applications such as skylights, canopies, walkway covers, glass shading devices and other sloped or difficult-to-access glazings.

insulating glass
Energy Efficiency with Options

The Ombra insulating glass unit is the newest glazing series from Pulp Studio of Los Angeles. It uses an architectural wire mesh core that works as a solar shading device when used as cladding material. Surrounded by tempered glass, the metal mesh reduces the amount of light that passes through by up to 50 percent, according to the company. The glass appears transparent when viewed frontally, but obscures the line of sight when viewed from an angle. This allows more light to enter the building in the morning and late afternoon when the sun is low, while creating the most shading mid-day when the sun is most intense.

Available in five patterns, it is ideal for storefronts, office buildings, airports and other commercial uses both indoors and out, according to the company.

safety glazing
Windows to Keep You Safe

SAFTI FIRST of San Francisco added Pittsburgh Corning’s LightWise Architectural Systems to its architectural glass products. According to the company, these pre-fabricated windows allow vision and light transmission while protecting against blast, bullets, hurricane, tornado or UV rays. The panelized windows are available in standard modular frame dimensions, and the product line includes a blast-resistant system, detention and security windows, hurricane-resistant windows, tornado-resistant windows and energy-efficient panels.

Maximize Shade on Curtainwalls

As a part of its ongoing initiative to offer sunshades on its ultra thermal platforms, Kawneer Co. Inc. of Norcross, Ga., recently expanded its Versoleil sunshade platform to fit its 1600UT (Ultra Thermal) System 1 curtainwall. The addition offers a fully pre-engineered and tested solution for applying both Versoleil sunshade outrigger and single blade systems to double (1-inch) and triple glazed (1 3/4-inch) infill versions of 1600UT System1 curtainwall.

Stay Clear

The new ClearShield from the Chicago office of Ritec is designed to offer durable, non-stick glass surface protection. The coating can be applied either in the factory or on-site, in effort to reduce the energy required for cleaning glass, maintaining original light transmission and making the glass more hygienic, according to the company.

An Eco-Friendly Sealant

The Fenzi Group of Milan, Italy, offers a number of warm-edge technologies. These include its polysulphide, two-part sealant, which company officials say meets the most advanced eco-compatibility standards. According to the company, Thiover sealants are solvent-free, do not contain any harmful ingredients, feature excellent mechanical properties and have extremely low permeability to water and gas. These sealants are also compatible with all spacers and with most of the materials used in insulating glass.

Decorative Glass Spotlight
Glass that Shows Devotion

Mandala tile is a collection of luxury tile from around the world and a sister brand to Oceanside Glasstile. The tile has a new addition to its line called Devotion. Company officials say the play of color combination between basic neutrals enhanced by rich jewel tones makes Devotion a vibrant design expression in home and commercial décor.

The new line offers nine patterns and 30 colors, ranging from bold jewel tones to earth-inspired neutrals. The company adds that the colors can take on three-dimensional qualities through the layering of texture, mirror and iridescent surfaces.

New Design Option
Walker Glass of Montreal offers full surface acid-etched glass and mirror products as well as its Walker Textures Nuance line of custom and stock patterns, including six new patterns recently introduced. The new designs were created as a result of an extensive market study conducted with architects and designers across North America. In addition, the company launched a brand new design center on a newly updated website.

Company officials say this online tool allows architects and designers to marry suggested acid-etched patterns with interior or exterior applications.

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