Volume 27, Issue 1 - January/February 2013

From the Editor
We Will Rock You

When architect Frank Lloyd Wright took to designing the Experience Music Project located nearby the Space Needle in Seattle Center, clearly he found his inspiration in the riffs and rhythms of rock-n-roll. In fact, he looked to all shapes, sizes and colors of guitars, going so far as to smash and cut a few. The project, with its dynamic twists and turns, was completed in 2000 and is one of those buildings you must see to believe.

I had the opportunity to see it myself three years ago when I visited Seattle. To truly appreciate its form and function, viewing it from atop the Space Needle is ideal; looking down upon it you can see all the colors, shapes, sizes and glass that provide the defining details, parts and pieces.

Just as Seattle is well-known for its Space Needle, itís also known for glass. Artist extraordinaire Dale Chihuly is based in the nearby town of Tacoma and the glass-blowing scene is hot throughout those Pacific Northwest communities. So when it came time to add fresh, revitalized architecture to some areas surrounding the iconic Space Needle, it was a natural fit to involve Chihuly and his masterpieces.

The result is the Chihuly Garden & Glass, which you can read about on page 12. Not only does the structure provide a home for some incredible Chihuly artwork, it also brings an artistic, architectural structureómade almost entirely of glass. The project was a close collaboration that involved Chihuly, the architect, glass suppliers and installers, culminating in an eye-catching display.

I would love to hear about some of your favorite cities for glass, architecture or both. Send me an email to share your thoughts; photos are welcome, too.

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