Volume 27, Issue 1 - January/February 2013

New Product Focus

fire-rated glass
Acing Requirements
Safti First has announced its Saftifire CW framing system meets ASTM E-119/NFPA 251/UL263 requirements with hose stream for up to two hours. The system also passed ASTM E 283-04, which examines the rate of air leakage through exterior windows, curtainwalls and doors; ASTM E 331-00, which analyzes metal curtainwalls and doors by uniform static air pressure difference; ASTM E 330-2, the structural performance test for exterior windows, curtainwalls and doors by uniform static air pressure difference; and AAMA 501.4-09, recommended static test method for evaluating curtainwall and storefront systems subject to seismic and wind induced interstory drifts.

Saftifire CW also met the criteria for thermal cycling and condensation evaluation as well as interstory vertical displacement tests. The product performs as a fire barrier while still being part of the building’s exterior skin.

All in One
Kawneer Co. Inc. has enhanced its AA®3350 IsoPort™ window to increase its performance and add new installation accessories and aesthetic features. The first release of the AA®3350 IsoPort™ window was tested to meet or exceed the performance levels of AAMA CW-PG50 / AW-PG50, ideal for applications requiring a design pressure of 50psf. Now, after additional testing, the window meets the requirements for projects that demand a 70psf design pressure for certain sizes.

The window has also undergone a design modification that enables the frame to accept a wider variety of panning shapes and accommodate a broader range of renovation applications. The window comes in single-hung, double-hung, horizontal sliding and fixed configurations, and utilizes a polyamide thermal break design to meet all current energy codes, according to the company.

Thinning Out

Heat-strengthened glass in thicknesses of less than 3 millimeters is now available from Pittsburgh-based PPG Industries. The company can produce heat-strengthened glass in thicknesses of 2, 2.5 and 2.7 millimeters with surface-compression strength that exceeds that of fully tempered glass, while achieving ASTM C1048 standards for flatness. The added strength allows thin glass used in various solar applications requiring resistance to wind load, hail impact and other environmental hazards the ability to meet UL and International Electrotechnical Commission standards.

PPG can produce Solarphire PV, Solarphire AR/2XAR and Solarphire NaB glasses as thin as 2 millimeters.

A Palette of Many Colors

AkzoNobel Extrusion Coatings has adopted the use of the Glidden Professional division’s Master Palette with 2,016 colors, nearly of all which can be matched in its warranted Trinar system for the fenestration industry. All colors can also be specified with a pearlescent clear coat, providing designers with 4,032 color options. According to the company, Trinar exterior metal building finish is comprised of a 70-percent formulation of polyvinylidine fluoride resin. The coatings pass AAMA 2605 testing requirements and are available for both spray and coil coating applications. Õ

storefronts and entrances
Front-Set Performance

The YES 45 TU storefront system from YKK AP America can now handle front-set glass applications in addition to its existing center-set capabilities. According to the company, this expansion not only allows for greater applications of the product where front-set is required, but also improves the thermal performance of the system, providing greater resistance to heat transfer, lower U-factors and increased resistance to condensation.

YES 45 TU has hinged mullions coupled with 90-degree or 135-degree inside and outside corners. The system is thermally broken by means of a poured and debridged pocket that employs the patented ThermaBond Plus process, which provides a composite shape of materials for reduced heat flow through the framing, according to the company.

Withstanding the Elements
SMI Aluminum Systems has introduced its K-2 Summit, a medium-stile, hurricane-resistant and blast-resistant entrance door. The K-2 Summit features ¾-inch jambs for minimal sightlines within curtainwall applications, was tested with butt hinges or continuous gear hinges, and incorporates Adams Rite and Sargent panic options. The product meets 2010 Miami Dade County, Florida Building Code and IBC testing protocols, as well as the 2010 energy code requirements for solar heat gain coefficient in swing doors. The door is water-rated (3.8 pounds) with an ADA threshold and can accommodate 9/16 -inch laminated glass or 1 5/16 -inch insulating laminated glass.

doors and windows
PRL Offers Max Sliders
Max sliders from PRL Glass Systems are designed to be flexible and to suit various applications. These can include large sliding openings on residential projects, allowing homeowners to integrate the outdoor settings with the enclosed areas. According to the company, the sliding units can also be used as room partitions with a number of design options. The partitions can offer unobstructed openness functionality when required, obscurity with a spandrel rich color variety or designer texture glass to add a luxurious appearance, reports the company.

architectural metals
Resist a Catastrophic Impact

Mapes Architectural Panels of Lincoln, Neb., provides panels designed for use in curtainwall, storefront and window applications. MapeShield panels can be used in any glazed area and have passed both ASTM-E-1886-97 (missile impact and pressure cycling) and ASTM-E-1996-02 (windborne debris in hurricanes).

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