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Whether you’re looking for glass, windows, curtainwall or a little something extra to add a bit of style and pizazz to your next project, take a look at the Architects’ Guide to Glass & Metal’s Guide to New Products. We’ve got it all covered, bringing you everything you need to make your designs stand out from the rest.

Big Just Got Bigger

When seele took to the American Institute of Architects’ National Convention (see page 18 for related article), the company wanted to let everyone know it was more than a contract glazier. In showcasing its glass fabrication capabilities, the company featured what could very well be the world’s largest piece of glass.

Fabricated in and shipped from Germany, seele displayed a glass lite that stretched 46 feet long by 10 ½ feet tall. It was constructed with two layers of ½-inch, heat-strengthened, low-iron glass with DuPont’s SentryGlas interlayer. It weighed 5,913.6 pounds.

The company, which has been importing and installing glass in the U.S. for 12 years, can laminate, bend and temper glass sizes up to 55 feet by 10 ½ inches.

New additions from PPG Industries include Solarban 72 Starphire®, a triple-silver-coated, solar control, low-E glass designed to provide high visible light transmittance (VLT) along with clarity and solar control performance; Solarban 67 glass, a solar control, low-E glass with a neutral coating for clear exterior appearances along with solar control performance; and Vistacool Atlantica® glass, a moderately reflective glass with high VLT and solar control performance in an emerald-green aesthetic.

dynamic glazing
New Kind of Selfies

Innovative Glass Corp. debuts SolarSmart, a self-tinting, high-performance glass that automatically darkens in the presence of direct sunlight to block heat, glare and damaging ultraviolet light.

SolarSmart is said to be 100-percent solar activated—powered and controlled by the sun—requiring no wires, electronics, external power or user involvement, according to the company.

The glass contains a proprietary Suntuitive interlayer that responds to the heat and warmth of the sun.

Its makers say the product has passed NREL’s durability and exposure tests and also meets ASTM E2141-06 standards for long-term, maintenance-free performance. SolarSmart can contribute to LEED credits in more than six categories and can be used in a variety of applications.

The Big Reveal
Guardian Industries now offers a glass product that does not sacrifice privacy: Guardian Reveal.

The product uses switchable technology to transition from transparent clarity to serene privacy in a single click.

Reveal can be used in shower enclosures, walls and partitions, dividers, doors and windows, entryways, airport screening booths and more. The glass is available in a broad range of colors, tints, patterns and textures. In addition, it is eligible for LEED certification points because it is energy efficient and helps pull daylighting deeper into a project’s interior.

Float glass is laminated with a liquid crystal film and a PVB interlayer. An electric current renders glass transparent or opaque. The glass can be controlled with a switch, motion detector, daylight sensor or other device.

decorative glass
My Precious Precious

Reflections is the newest line from OmniDecor, based in Erba, Italy. To create the new line, the company applied the patterns of Dutch designer Kiki van Eijk onto its DecorFlou Mirror. The effect caught the attention of furniture design company Falegnameria 1946, which has since employed the surface to create a full range of bedroom furnishings, using mirrored surfaces instead of the more traditional wood in the major components for a contemporary bedroom, such as wardrobes, chests of drawers and bedside tables.

A New Printing of Shades of Green
Prelco says it can now reproduce “any image ... on one or many glass panels” via its Prel-Design in-glass printer. It uses one or more coats of liquid ceramic on the surface of the glass, which is then heat- treated to fuse the ceramic to the glass surface. The image produced is permanent and resistant to scratches and discoloration, according to the company.

For a different kind of customization, Prelco also offers Prel-Shade, its thermochromic glass that changes color when warmed by the sun. Because of its thermochromic properties, Prel-Shade mitigates heat gain when exposed to the sun and allows natural light to enter once the strong period of sunshine has passed, reducing air conditioning costs and maximizing the effects of natural light, according to the company. In winter, Prel-Shade remains completely clear during cold sunny days, allowing a better heat gain.

Go to the Board
Trulite Trudeco has introduced both the DECOboard and MAGboard as what it calls sleek, elegant solutions in markerboards and magnetic markerboards.

DECOBoard uses the Vanceva® color studio to produce more than 3,000 transparent or translucent colors, allowing it to be color-matched to any standard of design.

Entering the realm of magnetic markerboards, Trudeco’s MAGBoard incorporates steel laminated within the glass, creating what the company calls “an impenetrable, hygienic seam.” It can be combined with the company’s Visual printed interlayer for an informative display in applications from patient footwalls to hotel lobbies.

storefronts and curtainwall

The 1630 SS IR curtainwall from Kawneer Co. Inc. has undergone testing to hurricane- and blast- mitigation standards and offers an additional line of defense against high winds, heavy rains and hurricanes.

The curtainwall has been tested to ASTM 1886 and ASTM 1996 standards, the TAS 201, 202 and 203 test protocols to meet Florida Building Code and Miami-Dade’s Notice of Acceptance criteria. The product has successfully completed large- and small-missile tests and meets the Level E (Enhanced Facilities) requirements. It is available in wet-glazed (silicone) and dry-glazed options, both of which have been tested up to 130 psf design load.

Keep Calm and ...
PRL has improved features on its glass panic device. The panic devices and access/egress hardware offer three unique features: they are tested to 1.3 million cycles of operation; they accommodate doors up to 10 feet tall; and they have fast lead times, according to the company.

PRL offers complete manufactured entrance systems with panic devices, deadbolts, lock ladder pulls and custom pulls.

doors and windows
Kolbe Does Commercial

Kolbe now offers a door and window product line for commercial buildings, the Kolbe 4500 Series. Created for hospitality, multi-family and mixed-use projects, the Kolbe 4500 Series includes fixed and tilt-turn windows, tilt-and-slide doors and outswing hinged doors. The steel-reinforced uPVC products are designed to meet commercial building requirements for enhanced energy efficiency, occupant safety, low-maintenance and longevity, according to the company.

Kolbe 4500 Series doors and windows are available in two frame styles: North American 3¼-inch frame with nailing fins and European 23/8-inch frame. Dual overlapping neoprene gaskets provide a seal against air and water infiltration. One-inch insulating glass is standard, and 13/8-inch triple-pane insulating glass is available, allowing fixed windows to achieve U-values as low as 0.17. The manufacturer also states that window units with laminated glazing options attain sound transmission class ratings as high as 39.

Viwinco Windows Expands Options
Viwinco’s impact-resistant OceanView windows now feature a variety of color and trim options, with a number of exterior color laminates and interior woodgrains available. The laminates feature Solar Shield Technology to reflect UV light and reduce heat buildup. They also resist scratching, moisture and salt.

Trim options include 3½-inch flat casing and 2¼-inch brick molding, both with either a picture-frame or bull-nosed sill. The fully welded, factory-applied trim comes complete with an extruded J-channel and is offered in any of Viwinco’s colors.

Not Quite C3PO
Quanex Building Products recently unveiled its C3-11300 AW-Rated door and window system, the first product in the company’s architectural series. It is designed to meet AW performance-grade requirements governed by the North American Fenestration Standard (NAFS) for use in mid- and high-rise buildings and accommodates up to 1 5/8-inch insulating glass. In triple-pane configurations the system is designed to achieve below NFRC .20 U-factor with condensation rating over 75, according to the company.

The C3-11300 is available for both new construction and replacement projects, including tilt-n-turn, casement, awning, picture window, in-swing and out-swing door (with optional ADA sill available). The system is also available with both standard and concealed hardware options from all major hardware suppliers.

MikronBlend® vinyl compound is standard for the C3-11300 to ensure weathering and durability, according to the company. The system also incorporates SuperCapSR color technology for both interior and exterior profile surfaces.

A Sunscape® Escape

Sunscape is a new premium line of residential and commercial designer window films now available from Madico. The line includes a full range of solar control products including the new Purelite 60, a light window film that provides balanced solar performance with an attractive natural appearance on glass. Where soft light is the desired effect, this technologically developed window film allows for solar protection while providing a soothing view and appearance.

fire-rated glass
Nice Frames

Technical Glass Products’ (TGP) Fireframes® aluminum series can now be used in applications requiring a two-hour barrier to radiant and conductive heat transfer, according to the company. The frames create narrow profiles, providing an alternative to traditional hollow metal frames for fire-rated applications. Custom cover cap extrusions are available and the frames can be finish painted at the factory to match nearly any desired color scheme.

The system combines aluminum frames with Pilkington Pyrostop® glass to provide a barrier to radiant and conductive heat transfer, allowing unlimited areas of glazing in fire separations. Listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.®, the Fireframes aluminum series carries 120-minute fire ratings as a wall assembly, and may incorporate up to 90-minute fire-rated doors, according to TGP.

In the Clear
Safti First has added SuperSecure II-XLS 45-120-minute to its product line. The new addition has a Class A-1 rating per the California Department of Corrections 860-09a testing requirements and meets ASTM E-119/UL 263/NFPA 251 with hose stream up to two hours.

It is a wireless product that, as the basis of design, provides maximum security protection; protection against fire, smoke and radiant heat; high STC ratings; and a five-year manufacturer's warranty.

operable glass wall systems
Slide Right

Panda Windows and Doors has a new addition to its thermally-broken aluminum wood clad lift and slide system (TS.13). The TS.13 lift and slide is insulated to ensure comfort and energy efficiency. The wood interior is available in several species such as mahogany, cherry, maple, pine and oak.

Thermally isolated aluminum frames make the system strong and resistant to harsh elements and do not require constant finish maintenance, according to the company.

The company’s lift-and-slide systems operate by “a simple turn of the handle” for a smooth operation. All frames are finished with custom colors in powder coat, kynar or anodized. The option to produce a two-tone color piece is also available.

The company also offers the thermally-broken slim profile lift-and-slide and a thermally broken bi-fold door system.

One-Inch Wonder

Technoform Glass Insulation North America Inc. now offers TGI®-Spacer in a 1-inch width for commercial and residential insulating glass products. The company says the new product optimizes thermal performance and condensation resistance while also enhancing acoustic performance for quiet interiors.

The TGI-Spacer has a straight sightline and smooth matte finish. It is available in a dark grey color, as well as light grey, bronze, champagne, white and black. Custom colors are also available upon request. According to the company, independent laboratory testing validates that with this new 1-inch-wide TGI-Spacer and two lites of ¼-inch glass (¼-inch annealed/ 1.002-inch TGI-Spacer/ ¼-inch annealed) a sound transmission class rating of 35 and an outdoor-indoor transmission class rating of 27 can be achieved.

Fenzi North America Introduces
New Stainless Steel Spacers

Fenzi North America has released its Chromatech and Chromatech Ultra stainless steel spacers. The warm-edge spacers are available with corner keys and connectors.

The Chromatech line also offers better sightline temperatures in excess of 17 percent compared to traditional aluminum, according to the company. The stainless spacers are available in a wide range of air-space widths, have a polycarbonate bridge across the top and are available in three colors.

shower doors
Don’t Get Framed

New from Alumax are ProLine frameless sliding enclosures that feature minimal hardware and frameless heavy glass. The inline sliding door maximizes floor space, eliminating the need for out-swinging doors, and a rolling system enables the door to slide. Additional inline panel kits and 90-degree return kits are available for multiple configurations. The enclosures are available in polished or brushed stainless steel finishes. Customers have their choice from a variety of pull knobs and handles to complete the package.

It’s Hip to be Square
An Assa Abloy Group company, Rockwood Manufacturing has added offset, leather -wrapped and wood grip door pulls to its GeoMetek Collection.

The offset pulls offer a narrow profile in both square and rectangular shapes. The upholstery leather pulls use three to four ounce leather, tightly wrapped and sewn with the option for reverse stitching. There are two upholstery leather color options or a custom color can be chosen to match any interior. The ArborMet pulls are select dyed hardwood veneers for a strong wood element. All three pulls are offered in stainless steel finishes and various length and grip sizes.

On (Multi)Point
Strybuc has added a complete line of multipoint locking systems to prevent rust and corrosion. The hardware includes a range of products such as multipoint locks, handle sets with cylinders, adjustable hinges for doors and repair parts for multipoint locks.

The company is the national distributor for Hoppe, G-U Hardware, Truth Hardware, Amesbury, Roto, Ashland, KFV and Fuhr, among others.

adhesives and sealants
Good Things Come in Threes

Tremco Commercial Sealants and Waterproofing launched T3 Building Solutions, a sealing system for doors and windows that controls thermal bridging and air infiltration.

With a three-layer approach, T3 Building Solutions incorporates a vapor-permeable air barrier for the outer seal, a thermal layer for the middle and a vapor retarder for the inner seal. These three layers seal the connections or transitions from the wall-to-window assemblies, creating an airtight and thermal bridge-free envelope, according to the company.

T3 Building Solutions offers components appropriate for a broad range of applications. ExoAir® Trio offers a three-in-one solution to seal out weather, thermally insulate and provide a vapor barrier to prevent unwanted moisture at the dry side of the wall assembly, according to the company. It is a pre-compressed flexible polyurethane foam with synthetic resin that serves as a vapor retarder, preventing moisture migration into the building cavities.

Other situations call for ExoAir® Eco as the exterior seal. It is a pre-compressed flexible polyurethane foam tape that expands to entirely fill the gap between the window frame and the wall within 20 to 45 minutes at 70 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius) while its synthetic resin is said to provide weather resistance against the most severe combinations of wind and rain. To provide thermal insulation in the cavity, ExoAir® LEF, a single-component, moisture-curing, gun-grade polyurethane foam, is applied to fill in the gaps around windows and ExoAir® Duo Membrane is used as the internal airtight seal to create a vapor drive to the exterior of the building.


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