Volume 27, Issue 2 - March/April 2013

From the Editor
Walking the Runway

When I first tell people what I do for a living they are often impressed. Conversations have gone something like this:

They say: “Cool, an editor. Books?”

I say: “No, a magazine.”

They say, “Which one? Have I seen it?
I say: “Probably not. It’s a trade magazine.”

They say: “Oh.”

I say: “About glass, architectural glass.”

They say: “Oh. I thought you were a book editor.”

I go from feeling like I’m at the top the New York Times bestsellers list to being in the 99 cents bargain book bin. But then I do what we all need to do when we feel knocked down; I pull myself together, shake it off and remind myself that I know something all those naysayers do not; I know that glass is a really cool material.

This issue of the Architects’ Guide to Glass & Metal is all about how cool glass really is. Check out the project on page 8—it’s a gas station. Have you ever seen a gas station look anything like that? Take a look at the gallery of projects that begins on page 14; some of these projects are incredibly design-rich—avant garde even—all because of glass. Just as fashion designers push the limits of style and wear-ability, so too, do architects. They dare to ask: can we do this, build this with glass?

Then there are the contract glaziers who say “yes” and are ready and willing to take on the challenge. Who are they? Turn to page 22 and check out our list of the nation’s top contract glazing firms. Just as architects are designing the ultimate glass facades, it’s companies such as these that are behind it, helping bring it to life. How cool.

Speaking of cool, this job has also provided me with an opportunity to travel. Personally, that, too, has backfired when I tell people about my job.

They say: “You’ve been everywhere, New York, L.A., Milan … do you work for a fashion magazine?”

I say: “No, actually, a really cool trade magazine about architectural glass.”

They say: “Oh … do you know anyone who works for a fashion magazine?”

I say: “No, but did you know that fashion designers often find inspiration in architecture and glass, in many instances, is a key component of those buildings?”

That usually buys me back a cool point or two. AGG

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