Volume 27, Issue 2 - March/April 2013

New Product Focus

fire-rated curtainwall
Take Me Higher
Aluflam announced that UL has approved the use of increased heights for its Contraflam Structure glass units utilized in its various storefront and curtainwall systems. The company says the approval allows for the creation of designs with a fire-rated, butt-glazed vision wall at full floor-to-ceiling heights in most interior conditions (over 11 feet 6 inches for 1 hour and 10 feet 6 inches for 2 hours). According to the company this removes intermediate vertical framing elements, creating discrete joint intersections to form a flush and uninterrupted surface that can be finished with aluminum perimeter framing and can also be customized with most architectural finishes.

Oh My Starphire®
New from PPG is Solarban 72 Starphire, a triple-silver-coated, solar control, low-E glass designed to provide high visible light transmittance (VLT) along with clarity and solar control performance.

In a standard 1-inch insulating glass unit, Solarban 72 Starphire glass has the VLT approximately the same as Solarban 60 on Starphire glass but offers 25 percent better solar control, according to PPG. The company further states that Solarban 72 Starphire has the solar control characteristics similar to Solarban 70XL glass but transmits 11 percent more visible light.

Safety for Buildings and Beyond
In an ongoing effort to provide stylish and safe glass solutions, Glasswerks Inc. of Los Angeles announced it offers DuPont’s ballistics-resistant glazing compositions for laminated-glass interlayers.
The interlayers help architects meet building codes and bring new levels of performance to facades, curtainwalls, canopies, rails and wind-resistant glazing.

interlayer materials
Architectural Visions
Vision from Sefar Architecture is a metal-coated precision fabric interlayer that can be laminated within glass or other transparent materials to create unique designs in exterior glass facades, windows and interior and decorative glass partition wall systems. According to the company, the interlayer utilizes metal-coated fabrics with various apertures to create depth and a reflective quality without overwhelming glare. On a building’s exterior facade, the fabrics deliver light refraction and add dimension without impeding views from the building interior.

In addition, the fabrics are printable with UV-stabilized inks to produce Pantone colors, patterns and other design effects. The fabrics can improve the thermal insulating qualities for reducing solar heat gain while allowing for light transmission, according to the company. They are available in six fabric density configurations and each can be coated with six different metal coatings: aluminum, aluminum/copper, chrome, copper, titanium and gold.

doors and windows
Opening Up to New Options
A new pivot door is now available from Weiland Sliding Doors and Windows that can be designed and built with oversized panels for an enhanced entry way. Instead of hinging off of a jamb, pivot doors rotate in, out or both in and out on a smooth pivot hardware box. The company’s new pivot doors are available with the same sash profile options as its liftslides and Beefy Bifold lines, including aluminum with wood interior cladding, all aluminum or all wood.

New Energy Innovation
Houston-based Quanex Building Products Corp. has an EnergyQuest™ Window & Door System that is available in double-hung, single-hung, slider, patio-door, casement and picture window options. In addition, EnergyQuest is designed to accommodate either double- or triple-glazed insulating glass units up to 1 1/8-inch thick, and is available with or without an extruded nail fin for fast and easy installation.

safety glazing
Safti First Goes Ballistic
Safti First announced that in addition to meeting ASTM E-119/NFPA 251/UL263 with hose stream for up to two hours, its SAFTIfire GPX framing now has a Level 8 ballistic rating per UL 752 standard for bullet resistant materials.

GPX framing, when used with ballistic-rated SuperLite II-XL, adds clarity and transparency with fire and ballistic protection to any interior or exterior wall, window or door application, according to the company. It is available in standard and custom finishes including fluoropolymer finishes by PPG, clear anodized, bronze anodized, black anodized, Decoral®, any species of wood veneer and ornamental metal among others.

Here Comes the Sun
Gamco Corp. of Flushing, N.Y., offers a line of basic and custom architectural sunshades. The various styles and configurations available make the new sunshades adaptable to a wide variety of building envelopes. The company’s sunshade systems include pre-engineered louver blades, outrigger supports and mounting brackets. The sunshade blades are offered in several standard and custom shapes, including tubular profiles. Fabricated from aluminum, the sunshade blades are available in anodized or a wide variety of painted finishes.

Outriggers are available in standard depths of 24 inches and 30 inches, as well as custom sizes, in either stainless or painted steel to assure strength and durability. Adaptable mounting bracket systems are used to securely anchor the sunshade outriggers to the building façade.

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