Volume 27, Issue 3 - May/June 2013

New Product Focus

The Blue + Grey Together
Pilkington North America announced the development of graphite blue, a light blue-grey tint that joins its Optifloat family of tinted glass. The new body-tinted solar control glass offers high daylight transmittance with a soft, blue-grey tone, according to the company.

The new graphite blue tint offers flexibility for original and innovative architectural designs where low reflection is required. It is also suitable for commercial applications requiring solar control. To achieve additional thermal insulation, the new tinted glass can be combined with the company’s Energy Advantage low-E glass in an insulating glass unit.

Pilkington Optifloat graphite blue is available in 6mm, 8mm and 10mm thicknesses. The substrate is also available with the company’s Solar-E Plus solar control pyrolytic coating.

safety and security
Glazing Can Help Schools Play it Safe
Kuraray Trosifol says it has a glazing solution for school systems seeking to enhance safety and security that, according to the company, is not only cost effective, but also may help save the lives of children. Trosifol is a PVB glass film that can enhance the characteristics of glass. According to the company, the product transforms standard and tempered glass from something that would shatter to a shield against intruders without detracting from the clarity of the glass or adding yellowness.

“It always is great when we find our product to be able to provide safety in the event that the unexpected happens,” says Christian Amad, director of Trosifol. “We saw what Trosifol’s benefits were to the automotive glass industry and thought we could make this apply to life-threatening situations, such as an intruder.”

While costs may be a barrier for some schools, structural security improvements are now eligible for many state construction grants. According to Trosifol, organizations such as the Department of Homeland Security offer grants to public schools, in addition to smaller programs earmarked to assist at-risk, non-profit organizations in general, as well as those within especially sensitive urban cores.

Chrome Piece
Fenzi North America has released its Chromatech and Chromatech Ultra stainless steel spacers. The warmedge spacers are available with corner keys and connectors.

The Chromatech line also offers better sightline temperatures in excess of 17 percent compared to traditional aluminum, according to the company. The stainless spacers are available in a wide range of air-space widths, have a polycarbonate bridge across the top and are available in three colors.

Viracon Debuts RF Solutions
CyberShield is a glass coating specifically engineered to reduce the transmission of radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic radiation. This RF shielding is one of the newest developments from Viracon. The technology’s made possible by the use of the Pilkington Datastop coating on the glass. Datastop is conductively connected to the window frame around the perimeter of the window to ensure maximum effectiveness.

CyberShield offers electrical attenuation with an average of 45 decibels across a frequency range from 35 megahertz to 18 gigahertz, while optimizing visible light transmission with a neutral glass color. Additionally, glass performance can be enhanced with low-E coatings and/or silk-screen solutions. CyberShield glass can be used as a glazing solution
for exterior or interior walls where RF shielding is needed. Available in laminated, insulating laminated
and double laminated insulating glass, it requires heat-treating and special glazing requirements of a conductive gasket or conductive silicone to maximize performance.

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