Volume 27, Issue 6- November/December 2013

Continuing Education Corner

Learning is something we never really stop doing, and architects are certainly no exception. Technology is improving leaps and bounds every day and making sure we stay up with times is critical.

So stay in tune with all the latest happenings in the industry and consider checking out these courses. It’s a great way to stay in the loop with all the relevant new concepts in the industry while also earning the professional credits needed annually.

Course Title: Daylight and Energy:
Designing With Insulating Glass Units
(IGU) With Integrated Cord-Free Louvers
Provider: Unicel Architectural
Learning Units: 1 HSW

This new American Institute of Architects registered course covers how integrated louvers can contribute to the LEED® Green Building Certifications by enhancing energy performance and thermal comfort levels. The course will detail the benefits and mechanics of designing with integrated louvers from interior and exterior perspectives, and will further demonstrate how these can support LEED initiatives. Using case studies and thermal performance data, designers will glean a better understanding into architectural approaches to ensure peak comfort levels and energy efficiencies.

Upon completion of this course, design professionals will be able to:

• Describe the benefits of designing with daylight;
• List several strategies for daylight optimization;
• Explain what IGUs with integrated cord-free louvers are;
• List several ways IGUs with integrated cord-free louvers improve energy efficiency and control heat gain;
• List several application examples and explain the sustainable design features of each;
• Explain the operating options for IGUs with integrated cord-free louvers; and
• List the sustainable design benefits of incorporating IGUs with integrated cord-free louvers into design projects.


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