Volume 27, Issue 6- November/December 2013

Education and Resources

Forty Pages of Projects and Info
A new architectural glass catalog featuring photography of 40 building projects is now available from PPG Industries. The brochure includes detailed descriptions and performance data for more than two dozen architectural glass products, including Solarban® 67 glass and Sungate® 600 glass, both introduced this year.

The 40-page booklet, last updated in 2010, also details two new online tools, the PPG Glass Education Center and PPG Glass eVIEW, which allows architects, glazing contractors and other industry professionals to search for, filter and visualize hundreds of potential glazing configurations. A digital version of the catalog can be downloaded from

The brochure contains an educational section about glass and energy management that explains how low-E glass products can reduce energy use in homes and commercial buildings. It includes illustrations for terms such as visible light transmittance, solar heat gain coefficient, light-to-solar-gain ratio and U-value.

There also is information about other PPG products including architectural coatings, paint, fire-protective coatings, hygienic flooring systems and coatings for wood floor finishing.

Aluminum Affirmations
The sustainability, strength and efficiency of aluminum are features covered in the American Architectural Manufacturers Association’s (AAMA) Aluminum Material Council’s (AMC) new white paper titled, Aluminum: The Total Solution for Sustainable, Strong and Efficient Commercial Building Design.

“The overall goal of the AMC white paper is to encapsulate the many strategic advantages when incorporating aluminum extrusions into today’s commercial fenestration products,” says Brent Slaton, chair of AAMA’s AMC marketing committee. “These advantages include energy efficiency, recyclability/sustainability, cost advantages, freedom of design, strength to weight ratio and the plethora of colors and finishes available in the marketplace. Throughout this white paper, it’s easily understandable as to why aluminum extrusions have been used by design professionals for decades.

Aluminum: The Total Solution for Sustainable, Strong and Efficient Commercial Building Design is available for free download in AAMA’s online Publication Store.

Map It!
The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has joined with Niantic Labs at Google as a premier audio content partner to launch a new version of the Field Trip smartphone app. The app is available for iPhone and Android users and it runs in the background of a smartphone. When a user gets close to an architectural point-of-interest, Field Trip pops-up a written description and an audio interview with an AIA architect about the particular project. 

Users of this app will get an inside look at the built environment in New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and Denver. Field Trip also allows architects to enhance their connection to the public, to demonstrate the value of good design and to promote physical engagement with urban environments. Niantic Labs is hosting a series of field trip day events in Brooklyn, London, Los Angeles and Seattle, where app users can discover the hidden histories of these cities.

Download the Field Trip app on iTunes or on Google Play.

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