Volume 27, Issue 6- November/December 2013

New Product Focus

SNX Marks the Spot

SunGuard SNX 52/23 is a new commercial glass product from Guardian that combines light transmission, low solar heat gain and low reflectivity for commercial applications. Using triple silver technology, SunGuard SNX 52/23 was developed to meet energy codes by delivering a SHGC of less than 0.25 while still appearing like clear glass, the company says. SNX 52/23 has a neutral blue tint.

For the Birds
Walker Textures AviProtek is a new acid-etched glass product line for bird safe-building design. A first-generation of acid-etched glass products from Walker Textures addressing the need for bird-friendly glazing materials, the AviProtek program includes three new designs as well as existing full sheet acid-etched products. When used on the #1 surface, the acid etched surface offers what the company calls “excellent threat factors” ranging from five to 29.8, a component of USGBC’s LEED pilot credit 55 on bird collision deterrence.

doors and windows
See What Wausau INvented

The INvent-HP -XLT Series windows from Wausau Window and Wall Systems® combine hurricane impact-resistant, energy performance and recycled content.

The frame uses 24mm XLT polyamide thermal barriers. The aluminum frames contain 70 percent or more recycled content and durable, ultra-low- and no-VOC finishes may be requested.

Take the Tube

A new storefront system is now available from Tubelite. The high-performance storefront system is part of the company’s Therml=Block product offering and features an additional pour and debridged thermal break pocket to withstand demanding climates and conditions. The glass is centered in the 4.5-inch-deep system. TU24000 is recommended for low-rise buildings and the lower floors of high-rises.

air barrier systems
Blankets as Air Barriers

Dow Corning® offers a collection of silicone solutions designed to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and enable greater design freedom, according to the company. The company’s silicone air barrier system is a suite of compatible, high-performance silicone technologies designed to work together to protect the entire building envelope and to improve the energy efficiency of buildings. It delivers airtightness, UV resistance, weatherability, breathability and fire ratings, according to the company. The system includes the company’s DefendAir 200, a 100-percent silicone liquid-applied air and weather barrier. The silicone transition system features high-performance, pre-cured 100-percent silicone rubber strips and corners that install using the company’s silicone sealants to form a continuous airtight transition from the window to the wall.

dynamic glazing
See Things in a New Light(-Gray)

A new light-gray base color for the Suntuitive® interlayer is now available from Pleotint LLC that the company says offers improved compatibility with glass tints.

The Suntuitive interlayer is a thermochromic interlayer for laminated glass that gradually darkens in response to rising temperatures caused by direct sunlight, then cools as the sun moves across the sky, returning to a clear, neutral state in cloudy or dark environmental conditions. No mechanical or electrical intervention are required, eliminating threats of failure caused by temperamental computer systems or faulty wiring, the company says.

Curtain Call

Several new developments are available from Kawneer Co. Inc. These include its 1630 SS IR curtainwall, which has undergone testing to hurricane and blast mitigation standards. The new series meets design pressure requirements on buildings in impact zones, larger span needs and ease of installation requirements with a 3-inch sightline, Kawneer reports. The company adds that the curtainwall has been tested to ASTM 1886 and ASTM 1996 standards, the TAS 201, 202 and 203 test protocols to meet Florida Building Code (FBC), and Miami-Dade’s Notice of Acceptance (NOA) criteria. The product has been tested for large- and small-missile impact and meets Level E (Enhanced Facilities) requirements, among other requirements.

In addition, the company’s Traco division offers its AA®5450 Series window addition to the OptiQ Ultra thermal window, now available in single and double-hung configurations, including a matching fixed option. The AA5450 Series maintains thermal continuity, reduces thermal transmission and helps maintain interior comfort.

Curtain Composite

GlasCurtain Inc. has available a composite curtainwall framing system that it says significantly reduces greenhouse gasses from commercial buildings.

The GlasCurtain curtainwall framing system is said to reduce total building energy loss up to 10 percent, has 40 percent less embodied energy, and is priced competitively with other curtainwall framing materials.

Composite framing expands and contracts at the same rate as glass, reducing the air leakage at gaskets over the life of the building, according to the company. Its curtainwall framing system features a sharp edge radius profile, creating a visual effect similar to aluminum framing.


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