Volume 27, Issue 5- September/October 2013

Glass Here, There and Everywhere

From Energy Efficiency to Fire-Resistant Glass and Beyond, Show Exhibitors Will Feature a Wide Variety of New Glazing Technologies

Companies from all over will descend upon Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center from September 10-12 to showcase the latest innovations in glass and fenestration products in North America. Those on hand will feature a wide range of products for interior and exterior glazing elements, including glass, curtainwall, components and more. The following pages provide just a sampling of what you can expect to find at this year’s event.

dynamic glass
It’s Electric – Booth #2300

SageGlass® from Sage Electrochromics is a dynamic glass product that can be electronically tinted or cleared to optimize daylight and improve the human experience in buildings. According to the company, it allows users to control sunlight and heat without shades or blinds, maintaining a connection to the outdoors and reducing energy consumption.

The company is also celebrating its 10-year anniversary of commercial installations.

How Low-E Can
You Go? – Booth #1427
PPG Industries will showcase its newly-introduced Solarban® 67 glass, as well as its new eView computer-based IGU design system, among other features and products.

Solarban 67 is a solar control, low-E glass with what the company calls a soft, imperceptible neutral coating that gives buildings a crisp, clean and clear exterior appearance along with solar control performance. It also has a proprietary double-silver, magnetron-sputtered vacuum deposition (MSVD) coating. In a standard 1-inch insulating glass unit (IGU) with conventional clear glass, Solarban 67 glass has visible light transmittance (VLT) of 54 percent and a solar heat gain coefficient of (SHGC) 0.29.

The PPG Glass eView enables users to construct on-screen, virtual double- and triple-glazed IGUs to their desired performance and aesthetic specifications, and then to view them in a variety of room and outdoor settings. The IGUs can be manipulated in three dimensions so visitors can see their color, thickness, light transmittance and interior and exterior reflectivity as well as compare performance data.

Save Some Energy to Select
Something Good – Booth #927

AGC Glass Co. North America will exhibit its architectural, residential, decorative and fire-rated glass products. The company recently launched its Energy Select line of low-E glass, which the company says was developed to help architects meet the regulatory challenges of each project, while maintaining their design vision.

AGC Solarshield is a tinted float glass that offers solar protection and design appeal. Pyrolytic coated Stopsol glass offers both aesthetics and energy saving characteristics, according to the company, and Pyrosafe allows for the added security of fire-rated glass. Krystal Interiors includes decorative glass solutions designed to enhance any space.

Check Out the New SunGuard
– Booth #2123

Visitors to Booth 2123 will see Guardian’s commercial, residential and interior applications including the latest in products and tools.

The company will offer a look at its upcoming SunGuard SNX 51/23, a new triple silver product that will be added to the SunGuard product portfolio. SunGuard SNX 51/23 offers a combination of medium light transmission, low solar heat gain and low reflectivity for commercial applications. This product was developed to meet stringent energy codes by delivering a SHGC of less than 0.25 without sacrificing appearance, according to the company, which adds that SNX 51/23 has a more neutral, blue reflected color when compared to similar glazings.

Guardian will also showcase its support tools, including its web-based BIM generator, performance calculator, redesigned and enhanced mobile app.

Guardian InGlass, an interior glass portfolio for designers, showcases proprietary products including Guardian ShowerGuard, Guardian DiamondGuard high endurance glass and the company’s exclusive Berman Glass editions patterned glass products. Õ

fire-rated glass
Vetrotech Will Run a Double
Screen – Booth #31
Vetrotech Saint-Gobain and IE Blinds have partnered together to create two new products: the Contraflam® Screen and Keralite® Ultra Screen. These glazing systems combine fire-resistance from Vetrotech with the functionality and efficiency of integral blinds. The fire-rated integral blind units provide an alternative to the maintenance and replacement of other types of window treatments, and add the protection of a fire-resistant interlayer.

Integral blinds offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional privacy curtains and observation viewing. The company says this product is a cost effective solution that accommodates both existing and new commercial glazing and retrofit applications and that the UL fire-rated system meets the fire protection standards required by most institutions and building codes throughout the world.

The Keralite Ultra Screen is thin and light, and can be combined with integral blinds for fire ratings up to three hours, according to the company. It accommodates the industry standard for retrofits and new construction. \

According to the company, the Contraflam screen combines fire requirements and integral blind function, allowing for design freedom and versatility. Contraflam Ultimax fire-resistant safety glass combines Contraflam fire-resistance with security glass, offering protection against forced entry and the clear vision of the glass solution. A polycarbonate-glass-laminate can also be added, creating built-in forced-entry protection.

glass protection
The Shield – Booth #2705
ClearShield Technologies and its parent company, Ritec International Limited, will offer previews of the ClearShield Eco-System™. The system for glass renovation, protection and maintenance of all types of glass, adds value at every step of the glass supply chain, according to the company.

At the heart of the ClearShield Eco-System is the Ritec ClearShield® with recent product improvements that the company says make it stronger and more durable, though the core technology, including the unique polymeric resin of ClearShield®, has not changed for more than 30 years.

Ritec ClearShield is now a component of a glazing system with a three-way guarantee covering performance, added value and profit; ‘super-green’ performance; and multi-functional protection for all types of glass—interior and exterior, new and old, according to the company.

Rising (Ceram-A) Star –
Booth # 2927

Akzo Nobel, a global paints and coatings company and producer of specialty chemicals, announced the availability of a new silicone-modified polyester coating solution for aluminum.

Designed for spray application to aluminum, Ceram-A-Star E is a new solution that meets American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) 2604 specifications, according to the company. It is designed for the high-end residential, storefront and monumental interiors market, and is said to offer a lower-cost alternative to 50 percent PVDF and super durable polyester powders. It offers high quality, consistent color control and options, chemical-resistance and field repairability, compared to anodized solutions, according to the company.

doors and windows
Quanex Bringin’ Inventing Back –
Booth #1617

Quanex Building Products will feature its Innovation Zone and debut its C3-11300 AW-Rated door and window system. This first product in the Quanex Architectural Series, it is designed to meet AW performance-grade requirements governed by North American Fenestration Standard (NAFS) for use in mid- and high-rise buildings.

In addition, Quanex will feature the four new edge-seal products that are a result of the company’s collaboration with Bostik: the Edgetherm 3500 single-part butyl rubber-based sealant, Edgetherm 3400 hot-applied desiccant, Edgetherm 3100 and 3000 one-component hot-melt butyl sealants.

(Reno)Lit It Up – Booth #1302

American Renolit Corp., a manufacturer of decorative and performance films, offers Exofol MLA as a leading edge finish for building components. It is a film for wood building products for both interior or exterior applications, such as door jambs, windows and jamb extensions. MLA,which is laminated to the product, is available in shades of white, including custom matches, but can also be painted.

The product is available in a range of thicknesses, which the company says provide durability from processing and transportation to installation as well as for the homeowner. The heft of MLA also masks joints and other imperfections in the substrates and allows manufactures to reduce cost by using MDF or finger jointed products instead of solid wood.

The performance and stability of MLA comes from its formulation, which includes special pigments, UV and heat stabilizers and impact modifiers, according to the company. MLA seals the product and prevents moisture penetration, requiring minimal maintenance or repainting.

The film is available in a variety of embossed surface finishes and provides scratch-resistance. After the film is applied, parts can be machined the same as raw wood for hardware or other processing, according to the company.


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