Volume 27, Issue 5- September/October 2013

New Product Focus

door/wall System
Gamco Offers Versatile
Bi-Fold Door/Wall System

Gamco Corporation’s B-F series bi-fold door/wall system is available in various stile and rail widths. It also comes in several aluminum finishes and can be configured with up to eight panels spanning a maximum opening width of 24 feet. With optional upgrades, heights can reach 120 inches tall. Individual middle panels also open independently as traditional glass doors. The door panels all feature tempered glass with a choice of ¼-inch single or one-inch double- or triple-insulating glass units. While designed to withstand the rigors of exterior applications, the Gamco B-F Series is also useful for interior spaces, according to the company.

glass Room with a VUE-30
Viracon has introduced the latest coating in its array of products: VUE-30. This high-performance glass coating allows designers to maximize window-to-wall ratios, while exceeding industry and current domestic energy code requirements—including ASHRAE 90.1--for sustainable design, according to the company.

When VUE-30 is applied to a ¼-inch (6-mm) clear substrate, it provides a solar heat gain coefficient of .18 and a visible light transmittance of 31 percent, for a light-to solar-gain ratio of 1.72. The new coating is available on any Viracon glass substrate, and can also be combined with silkscreen patterns or digital printing.

decorative glass
Chroma(vision) Chameleon

Chromavision C is the latest development from Pulp Studio. The new laminated glass building material has an aluminum finish and colored face, and is designed to provide energy-transmission reduction values when used on building facades.

It is made by laminating a custom substrate, intended for intense exterior exposure, between two lites of glass. The effect, according to the company, is virtually opaque and metallic from the outside (even at night) but provides full visibility looking outward. If used in exterior application, the copper and brass versions have a G-value of 31.2 percent and light transmission of 20 percent; aluminum has a G-value of 28.7 percent and light transmission of 21.7 percent. Panels are available in 48-inch maximum widths and virtually any length.


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