Volume 28, Issue 1 - January/February 2014

Continuing Education Corner

When it comes to fire-rated glazing, architects often have questions about where, when and why it should be used. Stay in tune with all the latest happenings in the fire-rated glazing industry and consider checking out these courses.

Course Title: Designing with Fire Rated Glass
SAFTI First Learning
1 AIA LU / 1 HSW Credit

According to providers, this program empowers architects to choose the correct, code-compliant glazing product for every fire-rated application. The course provides information on the following:

Distinguishing between fire-protective and fire resistive glass and glazing systems;

Interpreting IBC code and fire test requirements;

Recognizing fire rating listing limitations; and

Determining the best product value for your budget.

Course Title: Form, Function & Fire Safety: A Clearer View of Fire-Rated Glass and Framing
Technical Glass Products Learning
1 AIA LU / 1 HSW Credit Discussions cover active verses passive fire-protection systems, as well as fire-rated glazing system testing.

According to the provider, those taking part in this course will:
Learn what questions to ask to ensure that the proper product is specified and installed;
Gain a better understanding of the different categories of fire-rated glazing materials, and their role in fire protection;
Receive current information on how the latest codes and product developments impact design;
Explore new trends in fire-rated glazing and innovative design options; and
Learn ways to incorporate fire-rated glazing systems into an overall sustainable design.

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