Volume 28, Issue 3 - May/June 2014

New Product Focus


architectural metals
Point Of No Return
Aesthetics were at the forefront of Firestone Building Products’ thinking when it extended its Una-Clad aluminum plate panel offering to include the Series 3200 No Return (NR). The metal is not folded over to create a return edge, so it makes for what the company describes as a “crisp, clean edge panel.” The panels are fabricated using an extruded perimeter frame attachment and side clip. Instead of caulking at its panel joint, the system features an aluminum plate spline.

Like the original Series 3200, the 3200 NR features reveal spline at the panel joints (adjustable from .50 inches and up), spline material fabricated from the same color as the panels or contrasting color, maximum width dimension (58 inches) and bent shape choices.

Seeing Double
Pilkington recently tacked on more features to its MirrorView 50/50, which was introduced last year. The new generation, designed to conceal the appearance of digital displays and video screens, has increased visible light transmittance for more compatibility with high light environments, according to the company.

MirroView 50/50 has a highly reflective mirror coating on clear glass designed to give digital displays and video screens a modern, transitional look. It conceals the screen by appearing as a normal mirror when the screen is off, and the video image shows through the mirror when the screen is on. The company says the product is ideal for a variety of applications including bathrooms, living rooms, hotel rooms, bars, restaurants, lobbies, salons, and other areas where one may want to conceal digital displays and video screens when they are not in use.

Spray On the Board
Pintura AR, a non-reflective, anti-scratch marker board that can be used both as a projecting surface and for writing with dry erase markers, is the latest addition to Pulp Studio’s Pintura series.

The product has an anti-reflective coating on the surface, designed to help improve the saturation of color and quality when projecting light onto glass. It is available in many colors, annealed or fully tempered, and can be produced in sizes large enough to cover an entire wall.

Pintura is ideal for classroom or office settings and is applied by spray coating in multiple layers. According to the company, the finish is permanently bonded to the surface, guaranteeing that when fabricated it will not peel, chip or otherwise separate from the surface.

decorative glass
AGC’s Magic Krysta
AGC Krystal Images glass, produced using high-resolution digital imaging technology, is the newest addition to the AGC Krystal Interiors family of decorative products. It allows architects and interior designers to create designs using high-resolution digital images captured on a proprietary film, which the company says enhances color saturation and resolution. The images are then laminated using the company’s Krystal Klear glass, which meets the requirements for safety glazing established by the International Building Code. Krystal Images may be used either monolithically or as part of an insulting glass unit.

Any type of digital image, including computer generated graphics, photographic pictures, text, or combinations of all can be produced using the Krystal Images technology, up to 1440 dpi, though a minimum of 300 dpi is recommended. A standard maximum size of Krystal Images is 60- by 120-inches, but can be as large as 60- by 144-inches.

Krystal Klear is an ultra-transparent, low-iron glass that the company says offers truer color and clarity. It has a visible light transmission of 91 percent.

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