Volume 28, Issue 5 - September/October 2014

So Many Choices
The Architects' Guide to Glass & Metal Brings You the Latest Glass Options

Creating a unique aesthetic is top priority as you begin work on your next design project—and you know the use of glazing materials is a sure-fire way to help you do just that. Not sure which ones you’ll need? Take a look at the Architects’ Guide to Glass & Metal magazine’s New Products Guide, where you’ll find glass, windows, hardware and much more.


SunGuard with a Chance of Showers
Guardian now offers SunGuard Spandrel HT, a new glass product designed for building façade spandrel applications. The company uses a proprietary coating system for the SunGuard Spandrel HT, and during heat-treating, the coating bonds to the glass. After heat treating, Spandrel HT is permanently fused to the glass surface and has the characteristics of a ceramic frit with increased uniformity from the precision application process, according to the company.

Spandrel glass can either be used in monolithic applications (#2 surface) or in insulating glazing units. SunGuard Spandrel HT may be used in vision or backlit areas.
See Guardian at GlassBuild America, Booth 1515

Looking Good in Gray
PPG Industries has introduced OptiGray glass, an ultra-neutral, warm-light-gray glass.

It is designed to maximize light transmittance and clarity, and to work with Solarban coated solar control, low-E glasses to enhance solar performance, according to the company. Its light-gray tint eliminates the green naturally present in conventional clear glass formulations..
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Make the Rainbow
PRL has extended its laminated glass capabilities with colorful glass interlayers. The company now offers 13 standard and custom rainbow colors, providing earth tones in shades of blues, grays, greens, browns and bronzes that can be used in interior and exterior applications. These shades were created to match industry standard glass tints, according to PRL. The laminated color glass interlayers are made with heat- and light-stable pigments instead of dyes to resist fading.
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decorative glass

What a Pro
Dreamwalls® ProSuede Glass is a backpainted glass with a matte, mar-resistant surface that is also fully dry-erasable, according to Gardner Glass Products. Normal etched glass is not erasable, but the etching of ProSuede allows markers to wipe away, making it what the company calls a perfect collaboration surface.

For use as a wall surface that controls glare, the glass is also available with a magnetic option. Sizes available range up to 96- by 130-inches in any specified custom color.

Frit Bits
GlasPro offers a number of decorative glass products, including silkscreening. The company provided silkscreened glass with a subtle, white frit pattern for the renovated entrance of the SanDisk campus in Milpitas, Calif. The project features more than 120 glass panels designed to help subdue the harsh California sunlight. The facade also features a SanDisk frit logo embedded into the panels.

Channeling the
Inner Pro

Technical Glass Products’ (TGP) new high-performance channel glass coating, TGP ProColor, doesn’t require tempering and is bonded to the glass with high adhesion strength to resist chipping and fading.

According to the company, the coating is available in a wide array of opaque and metallic colors and can be applied to standard and low-iron Pilkington Profilit channel glass options in all available textures.

Color with Chrisma
Summit Glass Coatings introduced ChrismaColor SoftMark glass marker boards, an anti -reflective dry erase glass marker board. The marker boards are manufactured using a soft-etched, low iron glass substrate, allowing dry erase markers to be wiped off. The boards can be produced in any color and are available in most sizes, according to the company, and can also be specified with a frame.

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fire-rated glazing

Vetrotech’s New Hi-Lites
Vetrotech HI is a glass curtainwall system from Vetrotech Saint-Gobain, approved by the state of Florida, that is both fire-rated and hurricane impact-resistant. It is listed by the Florida Building Commission and certified to meet the requirements of the Florida Building Code, including those for the high velocity hurricane zone.
See Vetrotech Saint-Gobain at GlassBuild America, Booth 1232


Spiders That Bring the Outside In
The Wagner Architectural Glass System’s (AGS) range of structural spider assemblies and bolts was created to bring natural light into buildings and enhance the visibility of a building’s interior elements from the outside. They offer traditional cast product, as well as fully-engineered and U.S.-manufactured spider- and bolt-combinations. According to the company, spider and bolt combinations allow for creative flexibility and superior structural performance.

Available in configurations ranging from one-arm to four-arm, Wagner AGS Spiders undergo rigorous testing in the United States.

adhesives and sealants

Stick it Together
Dow Corning Corp. describes its structural silicone sealant as a high-performance solution to glazing challenges.

Supplied in a two-part cartridge complete with a static mixer, the sealant is a neutral-cure RTV silicone sealant with a 1-to-1 (“121”) mix ratio. With easy mixing, simplified dispensing, and a 24-hour cure, this option can eliminate the need for specialized mixing equipment, according to the company.

According to the company, it is equally suitable for on-site structural glazing, including storefront systems or attachment of panel stiffeners, as it is for in-shop structural glazing.

Capital Tape’s Strong Bond
The low-friction, top-side of Thermalbond Xpress from Capital Tape allows for glass alignment that the company says makes this tape fast to install, and eliminates air pockets. The product comes with the adhesive on one side, self-wound into rolls (no liner) and is constructed from Thermalbond material.

See Capital Tape at GlassBuild America, Booth 1971

architectural metals

To the Point
Firestone Building Products’ Una-Clad Delta concealed fastener panels are now available perforated. The Delta Series currently includes 11 concealed fastener panel profiles, which are also available in seven different perforated patterns with varying hole sizes in both 20-gauge steel and .040-inch aluminum.

The fastener panels are designed to be a decorative accent and can be used on both interior and exterior settings.

A Panel of Options
Petersen Aluminum’s Tite-Loc line of mechanically seamed architectural standing seam panels can be curved to a radius of 20 feet for steel panels and 14 feet for aluminum panels. The panels are recommended for high wind load applications, and those requiring a weather-tightness.
The company’s snap-on standing seam panels feature a 1-inch high cap and can be curved to a minimum radius of 9 inches.

curtainwall and storefront

Slimmed Down Sightlines

The 1620/1620 structural silicone glazed (SSG) curtainwall system is now available from Kawneer. With a 2-inch profile, the system provides slimmed down sightlines that allow light to enter the building and contribute to an expanded view of the outside.

The system is engineered with a thermal break and can accommodate double pane insulating glass. The stick fabricated, pressure-glazed system offers a vertical SSG mullion solution and both options use concealed fasteners to create flush and unbroken sightlines, according to the company.


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