Volume 29, Issue 1 - Spring 2015

Education and Resources

Web of Colors

The Valspar Corp.’s new online experience for architects and design professionals includes a color library and educational resources.

Downloadable files in the resource section include the company’s three-part specification “Section 05 05 13 Shop-Applied Coatings for Metal,” its Sustainability Report, its 2014 Color Collections and its Green Agenda. A library of Valspar’s videos provides additional coatings information, and the site also includes an interactive map to contact approved applicators across the country.

The “Colors” section within ValsaprInspireME presents a variety of hues drawing from the company’s 200 years of experience and 20,000 colors in its laboratories. Visitors can choose from eight palettes, and clicking on a swatch within the color palette allows the user to instantly order a sample, share the swatch or contact a company representative.


Thermal Stress Management

PPG’s new Glass Education Center tutorial explains how to specify glass to reduce heat-related cracking and fissures.
The five-minute video discusses how to protect glass against thermal breaks, which can result when the center of glass in a window unit heats and expands while the edge remains cool. The tutorial covers other variables that can factor into glass’s ability to resist cracks from thermal stress, including glass type, coating type, the surface location of the coating, outdoor and indoor shading patterns, heating vent location and framing systems.

Viewers also are directed to a free analysis tool at www.ppgideascapes.com. This can be used to generate calculations to help assess the risk of thermal stress for individual glass units according to their specified dimensions, coatings, location and related characteristics.



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