Volume 29, Issue 1 - Spring 2015

New Product Focus


Cool the Warm

PPG’s Solarban z75 low-E glass features a neutral cool-gray aesthetic that provide a high levels of visible light transmittance and glare control, as well as daylighting, according to the company.

In a standard 1-inch insulating glass unit with clear glass, Solarban z75 glass has a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.24 and visible light transmittance of 48 percent, which combine to yield a light to solar gain ratio of 2.00.

These solar control characteristics, according to PPG, make Solarban z75 glass an ideal solution for warmer climate zones with high cooling costs.


Complete Control

With no room-darkening tint required, Cardinal IG Company’s new LoĒ³-340 solar control glass delivers a solar heat gain coefficient of only 0.18. The glass can also help control glare, according to the company.

Additionally, LoĒ³-340’s low U-Factor—just 0.25 with argon—reduces indoor heat loss.


Protect the View

Heightened protection with sustained visibility was the goal with Technical Glass Products’ (TGP) Pro-GR gamma ray shielding glass. The product’s radiation-shielding capability surpasses conventional LX-57B X-ray shielding glass, making it suitable for observation windows in PET scan treatment centers, which require higher radiation-shielding performance than conventional X-ray or CT rooms.

Pro-GR gamma ray shielding glass contains approximately 70 percent lead oxide, according to the company, which is equivalent to the ultra-high-lead-content block glass used in nuclear power facilities. The protective glass provides exceptional radiation shielding while maintaining high visible light transmission (83 percent) and clear views of patients undergoing PET scans.

Pro-GR gamma ray shielding glass is available in two thicknesses: Pro-GR 14.7 (14.7 millimeters) and Pro-GR 21.8 (21.8 millimeters). The recommended thickness corresponds to lead effective dose transmission (for gamma rays 0.511 MeV). The product is available in sheet sizes up to 42 inches by 60 inches.



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