Volume 29, Issue 2 - Summer 2015

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AIA Unveils the Latest Glass Developments in Atlanta

There are plenty of must-sees when visiting Atlanta: the World of Coke, Georgia Aquarium, and CNN Center, just to name a few. But if you’re visiting in May and architecture is your game, you’re likely in town for the American Institute of Architects National Convention. Held May 14-16 at the Georgia World Congress Center, the event featured plenty of educational opportunities, as well as a packed trade show floor.

Companies representing the glass and glazing industry featured their latest developments. Exhibitors showcased everything from coated glass and components to curtainwall and metals. Take a look at some of the products at the show.


Booth #2545:
Glass For Outside and In

Guardian Industries features several products, including its expanded SunGuard Spandrel HT offerings and its ShowerGuard low-iron float glass.

Designed for North American building façade spandrel applications, SunGuard Spandrel HT creates a seamless and aesthetically pleasing look that conceals interior views from the outside. Guardian uses a proprietary coating system for this new product; during heat treating, the coating bonds to the glass and is fused permanently to the surface. This creates ceramic frit characteristics with increased uniformity from the precision application process, according to the company. SunGuard Spandrel HT is available in white, warm gray and black.

ShowerGuard is designed for all types of shower enclosures and was created to resist glass corrosion. According to Guardian, the glass reduces the greenish cast of standard float glass for enhanced clarity, allowing the design and color of showers and bathrooms to shine through. With its more neutral edge color, ShowerGuard low-iron is ideal for clear, frameless enclosures, in 10-mm and 12-mm thicknesses. 


curtainwall and windows

Booth #2237
Take the Metro

FG 501T window wall, the first in Kawneer’s MetroView window wall series, offers a slab-to-slab aluminum frame design with an integrated edge to replicate the appearance of a true curtainwall. Described as sleek, efficient and versatile, MetroView FG 501T window wall is ideal for mid-rise commercial and multi-family housing projects.

The window wall’s 2-1/4-inch sightline and standard 5-inch depth make it easy to achieve stylish urban aesthetics, according to the company. To accentuate skyline views, balcony doors seamlessly integrate into the system. It features shallow horizontal cross members with the glass set to the front of the system to maximize the interior space.

Screw spline fabrication and joinery means easy construction and low installation costs, while simple two-piece receptors provide efficient installation, according to Kawneer. Corner members for either 90- or 135-degree applications increase design flexibility, and optional expansion vertical mullions help architects and designers achieve a customized appearance.

Thermal performance is enhanced with the IsoLock thermal break, and the sturdy aluminum construction not only provides structural integrity, but also ensures that the system will never rot, warp or buckle from moisture or weather exposure, according to the company. Additionally, the window wall is fully tested to industry standards including hurricane resistance large missile impact requirements of ASTM E1886 and ASTM E1996.


Booth #851:
PPG’s Solar System

PPG Industries displays a range of its glass options, including its Solarban z75 glass, Optigray glass and Solarban 72 Starphire glass.

Solarban z75 is a solar control low-E glass, which features a neutral, cool-gray tint and offers architects and building owners a combination of visible light transmittance, solar control and glare control characteristics. In a standard 1-inch insulating glass unit (IGU), Solarban z75 glass has a visible light transmittance (VLT) of 48 percent and a solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) of 0.24, resulting in a light-to-solar-gain (LSG) ratio of 2, according to PPG.

Optigray is an ultra-neutral, warm-light-gray glass designed to maximize light transmittance and clarity, and to work with Solarban coated, solar control, low-E glasses to enhance solar control performance. The glass is formulated to offer an extremely light-gray tint that eliminates the green naturally present in conventional clear glass formulations, according to the company.

Solarban 72 Starphire glass was designed for both clarity and solar control. According to PPG, in a 1-inch IGU, Solarban 72 Starphire glass has a VLT of 71 percent and a SHGC of 0.30, producing an LSG ratio of 2.38.



Booth #2447:
The Digital Age

Viracon is featuring its DigitalDistinctions digital etch ink and its iPad app.

The DigitalDistinctions digital etch ink was designed as a cost-effective, fast and environmentally-friendly etch ink designed for achieving varied etch effects in colors and textures. The ink simulates the look of acid-etched or colored-etch glass when used alone or in combination with other ink colors. Any of Viracon’s high-performance coatings can be applied directly over any digital print on the same surface, according to the company.

The ViraconGlass iPad app, available for download on the company’s website, allows architects and designers to select from 25 different coatings on 15 substrates, presenting transmitted and reflective glass color on a variety of building types. The models can be viewed under different lighting conditions from both interior and exterior perspectives and compared to one another.


Booth #2751:
It’s a Bird …

A line of bird-safe, low-E coated, acid-etched glass products is available from Walker Glass in conjunction with PPG Industries. The glass utilizes both Walker’s AviProtek pattern and PPG’s Solarban glass.

According to Walker, the glass comes with AviProtek acid-etched stock or custom patterns on surface one, combined with the high-performance low-E coatings, Solarban 60, Solarban 67 or Solarban 70xl glasses from PPG on surface two.


architectural metals

Booth #2858:
Terra Cotta Style

Linetec features its expanded palette of texture finish colors, created to mimic the look and feel of natural terra cotta. The finish utilizes a 70-percent PVDF resin-based coating to achieve a high level of
performance in an exterior environment and a texture additive to help replicate the natural feel of terra cotta.


dynamic glass

Booth #4051
Dynamic Selections

Sage Electrochromics features its SageGlass, an advanced dynamic glass designed to electronically tint or clear to optimize daylight and improve the human experience in buildings, according to the company. SageGlass is designed to manage the sunlight and heat that enter a building, reducing energy consumption while improving people’s comfort and well-being. It can reduce a building’s cooling load by 20 percent and HVAC requirements up to 30 percent. With SageGlass users can control sunlight and block glare without shades or blinds while maintaining the view and connection to the outdoors.


architectural metals

Booth #1247:
Curtainwall and Storefronts
with Custom Fabrication

Petersen Aluminum provides custom fabrication for curtainwall and storefront applications. The company utilizes advanced shearing and bending equipment to produce a wide range of custom architectural components. The manufacturer’s anodizing capabilities allow for clear, as well as a complete range of bronze and black shades, while maintaining an extremely tight color range, according to the company.


glazing components

Booth #3237:
New Spaces, New Faces

The JEB 3SEAL insulating glass spacer system and the Renovate by Berkowitz (Renovate) window/curtainwall retrofitting system displayed in the J.E. Berkowitz LP booth.

Designed for commercial glazing, the JEB 3SEAL insulating glass spacer system is made from structural thermoset silicone with integral 3A desiccant together with a triple-seal design consisting of a pre-applied acrylic adhesive for spacer-to-glass bonding, a hot-applied captive polyisobutylene primary seal, and a two-part structural silicone secondary seal.

The Renovate system was designed as a cost-effective solution for updating a building’s windows or curtainwall. Intended for commercial buildings typically built before the 1970s, the Renovate system is a factory-made, double-pane insulating glass unit (IGU) installed to the interior surface of an existing single-pane window. Compared to a traditional window replacement, the Renovate system offers similar benefits, but costs about 50 percent less and can be installed two to three times faster, according to the company. The Renovate system is available in three glass configurations and can offer solar heat gain coefficients as low as 0.27, winter U-values as low as 0.15 and R-values up to 6.67.


Impact products

Booth #859:
Hurricane Protection

YKK AP America Inc. added the 35HL/50HL impact-resistant entrances to its Protek product line. The 35HL/50HL medium- and wide-stile impact-resistant doors were designed for applications where hurricane impact performance and cost are priorities.

The HL series also was developed to provide sizes, options and delivery required for fast food and low-rise retail projects. The 35HL/50HL impact-resistant entrances were tested to meet large and small missile impacts up to 50 PSF, according to the company. The doors are also equipped with low-maintenance single-point hook locks and meet the stringent standards for Florida’s High Velocity Hurricane Zone, Miami Dade and Broward counties. Each door features the YKK AP VersaJamb design, a reinforced tubular door frame that allows for sidelite glazing without shear clips while maintaining the structural integrity of transom frames.


Booth #1751:
Seal It Now
Dow Corning features both its 121 structural glazing sealant and HPI-1000 building insulation blanket.
The 121 structural glazing sealant was designed for assembly, installation or repair of structurally glazed glass and other substrates. Featuring easy-to-use dispensing, the 121 structural glazing sealant offers a 1-to-1 (“121”) mix ratio and is supplied in a two-part cartridge, complete with a static mixer. The sealant is suitable for both on-site and in-shop structural glazing. It offers a 24-hour cure rate and is backed with an available 20-year structural adhesion limited warranty.
The company’s thin-profile HPI-1000 building insulation blanket was created to provide thermal performance to combat thermal bridging losses in space-limited, hard-to-insulate areas. The new, thin, flexible insulation material uses advanced silicon-based aerogel technology to deliver thermal resistance.
Õ www.dowcorning.com/hpinsulation
Õ www.dowcorning.com/construction/121sgs
storefronts and entrances

Booth #629:
Form a Strong Bond
As architects are increasingly turning to glass for curtainwall construction, such as transparent structural glazing walls, single or double-glazed, or even double-skin façades, it can be a challenge to balance aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency. This requires adhesion between the components and highly elastic, weatherproof seals.
Sika will feature a variety of options that can help. These include engineered structural adhesives and sealants to meet these demands and guarantee peak performance, according to the company. Sika supplies a wide range of innovative facade products with highly specific properties to meet the specific application. These include structural glazing and insulating glass secondary seals, as well as weather seals.
Õ www.sika.com

Booth #2761:
Thermal Performance Plus Condensation Resistance
The T14000 Series storefront system from Tubelite was developed to help meet energy efficiency goals and fast-track construction schedules of low- to mid-rise commercial buildings. The system has been tested to meet AAMA 1503-09’s stringent standards, achieving a U-factor of 0.34 for thermal transmittance and a frame condensation resistance factor (CRFf) of 62.
Tubelite’s T14000 Series flushed-glazed system features a poured-and-debridged thermal barrier system or a thermal strut system. Its 2- by 4.5-inch profiles can accommodate glass or panels up to 1 inch thick. Extra-heavy intermediate verticals are available for high performance against strong windloads. Assembled using screw spline or clip joinery, the aluminum framing is compatible with the company’s standard or thermally broken doors.
Õ www.tubeliteinc.com

storefronts and entrances

Booth #1959/1967LL:
Enticing Entrances

The Entice Series entrance system from CRL-U.S. Aluminum is a storefront designed to meet and exceed the industry’s building codes and energy conservation requirements while maintaining an air of elegance. The company designed the modern series with minimal vertical lines and the ability to support door handle hardware on 1-inch insulating glass panels via specialized thru-glass fittings. This produces a floating-on-air look designed for use with the company’s Blumcraft line of access control handles.

The system is available in four models, with door stile widths as narrow as 1 1/8-inch to 2 5/8-inch, and depths as shallow as 2 1/2 -inches.


fire-rated glass

Booth #1236:
SuperLite Times Three

The SuperLite III-XL 60- to 120-minute fire-resistive multilaminate is SAFTIFIRST’s latest offering in its line of fire-rated glass and framing products. The product is available in butt-glazed assemblies with a maximum single-panel size of 6,975 square inches.

SuperLite III-XL is listed and labeled by Underwriters Laboratories and meets ASTM E-119 and ANSI/UL 263 up to two hours with hose stream and CPSC Cat. II impact safety, according to the company. 

The glass can be used with the GPX Architectural Series fire-resistive framing system, which has a slim 2 1/2 -inch aluminum profile that matches standard non-rated storefront systems, according to the company. Frame finishes include high-performance fluoropolymer finishes by PPG, clear anodized, bronze anodized, black anodized, Decoral, any species of wood veneer, ornamental metal and more. 


Booth #4045:
Keralite’s True Colors

Vetrotech Saint-Gobain has added a new, innovative glass ceramic to its Keralite product line. Keralite Select combines patent-pending surface polishing technology with advanced composition to create a sharp, accurate color-viewing glass ceramic.

Keralite Select has a color-rendering index of 97.1 (out of 100). It also has a low haze value of 0.5 percent and bears no cloudy appearance even in variable lighting conditions, according to the company.

Manufactured in both 3/16-inch (Keralite Select F) and 5/16-inch (Keralite Select L) thicknesses, Keralite Select is recommended for larger glass sizes in impact-rated areas where superior clarity and sharpness is desired. The glass, which installs into standard fire-rated frames and doors, comes in 20-, 45-, 60-, 90- and 180-minute fire ratings.



Booth #1059:
Energy Options from AGC

Energy Select 28 is one of the latest developments from AGC Glass Co. North America. The glass is a high-performance, triple-silver on a clear substrate with a visible light transmittance of 62 percent. Also new is the Energy Select 20, triple-silver available on the company’s most popular tinted substrates. These include pure bronze, pure grey, meadow green and forest green achieving solar heat gain coefficients as low as .20 and light-to-solar gain ratios in the range of 1.58 to 2.02, depending on the tinted substrate selected.

These new glass products offer maximum solar control and high visible light transmittance. They were designed for commercial buildings where cooling costs are of primary concern, and the energy code requirements are focused on the solar heat gain coefficient, according to AGC. 

Energy Select 31 is another new high-performing coated glass product, which has a slightly blue hue designed for commercial building applications.  It was developed to provide optimum performance in both warm- and cold-weather regions, with a visible light transmittance of 62 percent and solar heat gain coefficient of 0.31.



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