N e w P r o d u c t F o c u s  
Glass Shield  
Take Your Pick  
LuxClear Protect  
Two online self-service tools launched by PPG  
Industries enable customers to order product data  
sheets and color-matched metal panels using selec-  
tion criteria. Criteria includes product brand name,  
color name, PPG product code, metal substrate, cus-  
tomer name, delivery location and others.  
anti-corrosion glass, a per-  
manent coated glass prod-  
uct by AGC Glass Co.  
North America, prevents  
corrosion due to contam-  
inants related to water,  
heat and high humidity.  
These factors cause the  
glass to “age” and become  
dull and dirty in appear-  
ance, according to the  
The glass is available  
in thicknesses up to 12  
millimeters and may be  
annealed or tempered,  
depending on the application. As with standard  
After entering a request into PPG’s INDX  
clear float glass, there are no limits to its shelf life, Knowledge Hub, customers receive a “request ID”  
nor any special cleaning or maintenance required.  
The product is ideal for shower enclosures, but  
may also be used in sunrooms, pool enclosures,  
greenhouses or other areas exposed to heat and  
and tracking number enabling them to monitor  
the request throughout the fulfillment process  
while providing an estimated final delivery date.  
Relevant contact information such as shipping  
addresses, phone numbers and email addresses  
are built into the INDX Knowledge Hub for every  
customer with a registered name and password.  
Be Blue  
Guardian CrystalBlue  
is a light blue glass that  
gives architects multiple  
options in achieving per-  
formance and aesthetic  
requirements. Designers  
can combine Guardian  
CrystalBlue glass with  
many SunGuard low-E  
products, resulting in a  
range of energy perfor-  
mances along with high  
visible light transmission  
via a blue color.  
Seal the Deal  
Dow Corning  
121 Structural  
Glazing Sealant is a  
neutral-cure, RTV  
silicone sealant ideal  
for repair or replace-  
ment of structurally  
glazed glass and  
other substrates. It  
is equally suitable  
for on-site structural  
storefront systems or  
attachment of panel  
CrystalBlue is the company’s newest substrate  
for commercial applications, and is available coat-  
ed and uncoated at six-millimeter thickness in a  
variety of sizes.  
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Architects’ Guide to Glass & Metal  
N e w P r o d u c t F o c u s  
Fire and Nice.  
Fire-Rated Aluminum  
Window And Door  
stiffeners—as it is for in-shop structural glazing.  
Featuring a 1-to-1 mix ratio, the sealant is supplied in a two-part cartridge, com-  
plete with a static mixer. Whether for repair, restoration or new construction, it  
eliminates the need for specialized pumps and mixing equipment while minimiz-  
ing quality assurance issues, according to the company.  
For the most efficient,  
least labor-intensive  
fire-rated extruded  
aluminum vision doors,  
windows and glazed wall  
systems, look to Aluflam.  
Built with anchoring holes,  
gaskets and glazing tapes  
pre-installed, our selection  
comes pre-assembled and  
prepared for installation.  
With a virtually limitless  
portfolio that includes true  
extruded aluminum vision  
doors, windows and glazed  
walls fire-rated for up to  
Clamp Down  
Available for use with a variety of  
heavy tempered or laminated glass, PRL’s  
Samson contemporary clamp railing sys-  
tem provides a frameless unobstructed  
It is available in satin or polished  
stainless steel. Surface mount and offset  
mount options are available to accom-  
modate various structural substrates and  
floor conditions.  
The railing system has undergone  
rigorous testing by independent orga-  
nizations to ensure that the highest  
standards are met, according to the  
120 minutes, you’ll see  
why we’ve become the  
favorite of architects and  
installers alike.  
Flush Away  
Kawneer’s Flushline entrances  
are designed with a flush appear-  
ance and face sheets that are  
captured with integral projections  
on the stiles and applied rail caps.  
Aluminum face sheets are available  
in both plain and embossed tex-  
tures, with anodized or painted fin-  
ishes. Fiberglass-reinforced polyester  
sheets are also available. They are  
designed to be colorfast and resist  
fading due to ultraviolet rays, as  
well as the scratching and denting  
that can occur with metal skins.  
Five-inch lock stiles offer the  
added benefit of a broader selection  
of standard hardware options, allow-  
ing Flushline entrances to match other entrances in the building. The entrances  
can also accommodate geometric aluminum-framed vision lites.  
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Architects’ Guide to Glass & Metal