N e w P r o d u c t s  
metal panels  
Take the Highline  
Petersen’s new Highline  
series of metal wall panels  
feature varying rib patterns  
and widths for architectural  
effects in many applica-  
tions. The Highline panels  
are 1 3/8 inches deep,  
though options include 12-  
or 16- inch widths and clip-  
less or clip-fastened design.  
cladding, for counter tops and floors. Stoneglass  
resembles stone or quartz aesthetically but can be  
bent, formed and produced in specific thicknesses  
of 12, 18 and 30 mm.  
Highline panels can be  
perforated for use as equipment screens, and can  
be installed horizontally or vertically. Maximum  
length is 30 ft. for steel and 22 ft. for aluminum.  
The Highline series is available in 45 colors.  
Ready to Perform  
decorative glass  
Designed to a T  
Viracon has introduced VRE-43, featuring a  
.22 solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) and 43  
percent visible light transmission (VLT).  
VRE-43 can be combined with a selection of  
other fabrication options. It can be applied to a  
variety of tinted substrates and on the same sur-  
face as digital print or silkscreen. VRE-43 can also  
be laminated and insulated.  
AGC launched Lacobel T and Matelac T, new  
temperable versions of its Lacobel and Matelac  
back-painted interior glass products. Because they  
are temperable, they can be used for both interi-  
or and exterior applications. Both are produced  
using high-quality, environmentally friendly paint  
and feature a palette of ten colors. Lacobel T pro-  
vides a glossy finish, while Matelac T provides a  
satin finish.  
metal panels  
Going Three-D  
Sculpted 3D  
Rainscreen System  
Lacobel and Matelac are the annealed comple-  
ments in the AGC family of back-painted decora-  
tive glass.  
is a dry-set, solid  
metal wall panel  
with three comple-  
mentary and inter-  
changeable design  
Turning to Stone  
schemes that  
Pulp Studio is now distributing a new class of  
materials called Stoneglass, a glass product that it  
says performs like stone. It can be used for both  
interior and exterior applications on walls, as  
provide bold three-dimensional forms, according  
to the company. The three Sculpted 3D design  
schemes are Parametric, Ribbon and Minimal.  
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