P r o d u c t s  
straight on and off-angle, to ensure the same exte-  
rior appearance when viewed from all angles.  
Ghost Stories  
Ghost Mirror by Pulp Studio is a laminated  
mirror product that allows light transmission and  
double-sided viewing in the installation.  
The glass is ideal for hospitality, retail or any  
interior environment where both reflectivity and  
visibility through the glass are important.  
Eye of the Storm  
The Aluminum StormWall  
XL hurricane-resistant curtain-  
wall by C.R. Laurence is engi-  
neered to provide protection  
A Clear View  
against severe weather. It’s been  
thermally improved using a  
Technical Glass Products (TGP) introduced  
Fireframes ClearView, a butt-glazed, fire-rated  
framing system. According to the company, it  
eliminates the need for colored internal spacers  
or vertical mullions between adjoining pieces of  
glass. With a 5-mm vertical butt-joint and avail-  
able in nearly  
continuous thermal spacer that is interlocked  
within the horizontal and vertical pressure bars.  
With U-factors as low as 0.38, the system satisfies  
the Florida Building Code Fifth Edition (2014)  
Energy Conservation requirement, according to  
the company.  
the system  
allows design  
professionals to  
create extensive  
fire-rated glazed  
walls with nearly  
colorless transi-  
0-foot heights,  
The system offers shear block assembly with  
no exposed fasteners for improved aesthetics and  
installation flexibility. It’s also glazed with addi-  
tional performance features including large and  
small missile impact and cycling, front set/exteri-  
or glazed, dry or wet glazed, a structural silicone  
glazed option and twin span capability.  
tions between glass panels for greater transparency  
through hallways in commercial buildings.  
retrofit windows  
Go Retro  
RetroWal is a “do-it-yourself”  
Silver Coating  
commercial window retrofit sys-  
tem that installs on the interior  
of a building’s existing windows,  
according to the company. It  
creates an insulating dead air  
space while the existing glass  
stays in place.  
Available in a Silver and Gold series, RetroWal  
reduces a building’s energy consumption by an  
average of 20 percent, according to the company.  
The Silver series uses monolithic low-E glass to  
convert single-pane windows to double-pane,  
while the Gold series upgrades a single-pane win-  
dow to triple-pane with low-E, argon-filled glass.  
Both improve building insulation, reduce solar  
heat gain and air infiltration, and provide effec-  
tive sound control.  
VNE-53 is the newest high-performance coating  
from Viracon Inc. It offers a combination of high  
light transmission, solar control and aesthetics.  
VNE-53 was designed to meet the rigorous  
energy codes and features a visible light trans-  
mission of 52 percent with a solar heat gain  
coefficient of 0.23 on low-iron glass in a standard  
insulating unit. It has a neutral-silver exterior  
appearance that provides a consistent color, both  
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