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BIM Talk  
you, as the architect, are doing your part with  
m writing this under the assumption that  
porting architects with BIM, a hurdle is getting  
involvement from contract glaziers. Some larger gla-  
Building Information Modeling (BIM). From the ziers have in-house teams that handle this part of the  
glass and glazing side, I can say we’re somewhere process, while others use intermediate firms for that  
in the middle.  
Manufacturers in our industry seem to have  
gotten serious about BIM. Glazing system suppliers leading a subcommittee with the Glass Association of  
have found that if they can’t provide on-demand North America (GANA) that’s developing an infor-  
BIM resources, chances are that architect will move mational resource for contract glaziers about BIM.  
along to the next company that can. “Lots of times  
when architects call us for BIM models, they’re  
looking for a placeholder within their BIM mod-  
els,” Chuck Knickerbocker, curtainwall manager  
for fire-rated glazing manufacturer Technical Glass  
Products, says. “… It’s not as much a value-added  
service as it is plain old customer service, to get  
them what they’re asking for.”  
work. Many still aren’t on board with BIM at all.  
Knickerbocker is heading efforts to address this,  
Nick St. Denis  
Of course, everyone in the design and construc-  
tion process can benefit in varying degrees (and in  
varying ways) from using BIM. But with the trend  
toward project collaboration, precise design details  
and razor-thin lead times, it will be important for  
subcontractors, especially glaziers working on the  
ever-important building envelope, to get on board.  
If you have any thoughts on this, I’d love to hear  
them. Shoot me an email at nstdenis@glass.com.AGG  
While manufacturers are doing a great job sup-  
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