N e w P r o d u c t F o c u s  
Fire and Nice.  
Ghost Stories  
Fire-Rated Aluminum  
Window And Door  
Ghost Mirror by Pulp Studio is a laminated mirror product that  
allows light transmission and double-sided viewing in the installation.  
The glass is ideal for hospitality, retail or any interior environment  
where both reflectivity and visibility through the glass are important.  
For the most efficient,  
least labor-intensive  
fire-rated extruded  
aluminum vision doors,  
windows and glazed wall  
systems, look to Aluflam.  
Built with anchoring holes,  
gaskets and glazing tapes  
pre-installed, our selection  
comes pre-assembled and  
prepared for installation.  
With a virtually limitless  
portfolio that includes true  
extruded aluminum vision  
doors, windows and glazed  
walls fire-rated for up to  
A Clear View  
To enhance architectural design possibilities, Technical Glass Products  
(TGP) introduced Fireframes ClearView, a butt-glazed, fire-rated framing  
system. According to the company, it eliminates the need for colored  
internal spacers or vertical mullions between adjoining pieces of glass.  
With a 5-mm vertical butt-joint and available in nearly 10-foot heights,  
the system allows design professionals to create extensive fire-rated glazed  
walls with nearly colorless transitions between glass panels for greater  
transparency through hallways in commercial buildings.  
The system incorporates butt-glazed Pilkington Pyrostop, a low-  
iron, fire-rated and impact-safety-rated glass, with a heat-resistive perimeter frame.  
120 minutes, you’ll see  
why we’ve become the  
favorite of architects and  
installers alike.  
A Wide Range of Options  
Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG Glass) now offers Solarban  
0 solar control, low-E glass on a wide array of performance-tinted  
glasses, including Atlantica, Azuria, Pacifica, Solarblue, Solarbronse,  
Solargray and Solexia glasses. It was previously only available on clear,  
Starphire Ultra-Clear, Optiblue and Optigray glasses.  
Solarban 90, uses proprietary coating technology to deliver robust  
solar control and high visible light transmittance (VLT) on clear glass,  
while providing the color neutrality needed to harmonize with a wide range of perfor-  
mance-tinted glasses.  
In a standard 1-inch insulating glass unit with clear glass, Solarban 90 has a solar-heat-  
gain coefficient (SHGC) of 0.23, which is a 15 percent improvement over Solarban 70XL  
glass. When coated on performance-tinted glasses by Vitro Architectural Glass such as  
blue-tinted Pacifica or Solargray, Solarban 90 glass can achieve SHGCs of as low as 0.17  
in a 1-inch IGU, according to the company.  
Aviprotek Products Pass the Test  
Walker Textures has released results of tests performed by the  
American Bird Conservancy (ABC) on three Aviprotek patterned  
acid-etched glass products.  
The three standard patterns when used on the outside surface of the  
glass have effective threat factors which contribute to collision avoid-  
ance on buildings 70 to 77 percent of the time. Based on these results,  
patterns 211, 213 and 214 are deemed effective by ABC. Full-surface  
acid-etched glass is also an effective bird-friendly solution with a threat  
factor of five when used on position 1 and of 25 on position 2.  
Photo: Nick Merrick ©Hendrich Blessing  
Aluflam USA  
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Email info@aluflam-usa.com  
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Ncontienuedwfrom pPage 8r o d u c t F o c u s  
Go West  
Phoenix-based Western Window Systems now  
commercial marketplace and the ability to be  
glazed on the inside for installation, the new  
window line is suitable for projects ranging from  
resorts to office spaces and modern homes. Each  
window is designed to integrate with the compa-  
ny’s sliding glass doors and fixed windows.  
Designed with a 4 ½ -inch frame depth, both  
window styles can be directly mulled to most  
of the company’s product lines such as hinged  
offers the Series 610 single-hung and Series 620  
sliding window.  
With a design pressure rating tested for the  
F U N doors, sliding doors and fixed window walls. This  
male/female mulling feature eliminates the need  
for operable inserts while maximizing glass and  
narrowing sight lines, according to the company.  
The Series 610 is available up to 48 inches  
wide and 72 inches high, and it comes with spiral  
balancers for adjustability and a smooth opera-  
tion to control the sash in the open position.  
Series 620 has a roller modeled after the com-  
pany’s multi-slide door, a double sash option  
that’s available in widths up to 96 inches and 72  
inches in height. All fasteners are stainless steel.  
It’s a fun material because it’s  
very flexible to design with  
and doesn’t drive costs up.”  
Joe Buehler, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, TEAM A  
interior glass  
Feel the Heat  
Copy is a contemporary  
glass radiator now available  
from Aestus that comes  
Charcoal - Energy Star - Cool Color  
in four finishes: Kinetic,  
Mirror, Classic and Satin.  
Manufactured from  
mild steel, Copy provides  
a high heat output of up  
to 896W, making it ideal  
for larger spaces. The cube  
Moving Everest Charter School, Chicago, IL  
Owner: By The Hand  
angled valves complete this full-length panel  
design that is suitable for closed heating systems.  
Kinetic channels the simplicity associated with  
stripes by coordinating different strands of color  
to create a rainbow effect, according to the com-  
pany. The product is available in 12 designs.  
Mirror is designed to be subtle with high  
reflection, a metallic appearance and a modern  
profile. It’s available in bronze, gold, gray, rose  
gold and standard.  
Architect: Team A  
General contractor: Novak  
Installing contractor: WBR Roofing  
Profiles: 7/8-in. corrugated,  
/8-in. perforated  
Color: Charcoal  
/8-in. perforated corrugated panels overlay the graphic  
Classic is the contemporary option and comes  
in nine colors. Satin is available in matte black,  
bronze and white.  
IL: 1 800 PAC CLAD  
MD: 1 800 344 1400 | TX: 1 800 441 8661 | GA: 1 800 272 4482 | MN: 1 877 571 2025  
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