Volume 24, Issue 2- March/April 2010

AIA Continuing Education Update

Safety and Beyond

While laminated glass may have gotten its start as an automotive glazing material, its use in architectural applications has seen steady growth in recent years. As a safety glazing material, much of the demand for laminated glass has been for use in hurricane-resistant products, however the applications where this material can be used, and the benefits it offers, extend beyond just safety and security. Several organizations have created AIA-accredited courses to help you expand your knowledge of laminated glass.

Designing with Laminated Glass
Saflex®, a division of Solutia Inc.
Learning units: 1
Architects taking part in this course will learn not only about laminated glazing products, but also about applications and the benefits of designing with laminated glass. Discussions focus on how laminated glass is manufactured, as well as different types of laminated glass products and the various types of window styles and applications in which it can be used.

Laminated Glass 101
Glass Association of North America
Learning units: 1
Those taking part in this program will participate in a study of the manufacturing process for laminated glass. The course provides an in-depth overview of how laminated glass is manufactured and utilized, as well as its features and uses. The presentation concludes with an explanation of the benefits of using laminated glass in architectural applications, along with additional educational resources.

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