Volume 24, Issue 5 - September/October 2010

New Product Focus

Open the “Sungate”
As a way to help commercial buildings in heating-dominated climates retain heat from the sun and reduce winter heating costs, Pittsburgh-based PPG Industries introduced Sungate 400 glass, a passive low-E glass with a magnetron sputtered vacuum deposition soft coat. The company says the new glass has a winter U-value (insulating value) that is 9 percent better than that of Sungate 500 glass, a passive low-E coated glass manufactured with hard, pyrolitic coatings.

In addition to its insulating qualities, Sungate 400 glass has a clear aesthetic. The company says when coated on a conventional clear glass substrate, visible light transmittance (VLT) for Sungate 400 glass is 76 percent; on a Starphire glass substrate, VLT is 80 percent.

According to the company, Sungate 400 glass is ideal for use as a passive low-E product when specified as a third-surfacecoating on Starphire glass. Sungate 400 was engineered to be paired with Solarban 60 or Solarban 70XL solar control, low-E glasses to optimize performance in triple-pane insulating glass units.

Closing in on New Systems
The Aluflex 40 is the newest addition to Häfele America Co.’s sliding hardware systems. This new bottom rolling hardware system is designed for use in interior spaces and allows large, made-to-order aluminum frame sliding doors to be installed to a ceiling height of up to 8 feet by 2 inches. It can be accessorized with different decorative glass designs or with different translucent materials to meet specific space requirements.

In addition, the Aluflex 40 comes with a soft closing mechanism that prevents slamming and bouncing.

storefront and curtainwall
Clear Connections
To meet what it says is a growing demand for a monolithic look for low-rise applications, Kawneer Company Inc. has introduced Clearwall™ curtainwall, which features a four-sided toggle glazed system with a glass retaining mechanism. The company says the Clearwall curtainwall is a cost-effective alternative to four-sided systems and its unique toggle mechanism reduces installation labor, simplifies onsite logistics and enhances safety while providing a high level of aesthetics.

The new system was developed specifically with low-rise commercial and institutional building applications in mind. The system’s effectiveness comes from the combination of the toggle system with a recessed glass edge spacer insulating glass unit. The toggle mechanically captures the inboard lite of the insulating glass unit and rotates in place automatically locking when the fastener is installed. Each toggle captures an edge of adjacent glass lites, increasing the efficiency of installation.

Clearwall curtainwall also features two mullion depths allowing for increased design flexibility based on performance requirements. It has been tested in accordance with North American performance standards, including seismic, thermal cycling, cyclic water and severe wind-driven rain resistance. Kawneer’s range of anodized and painted finishes is available for Clearwall curtainwall, which is also offered in two other glazing options. Each option accommodates 1-inch insulating glass and uses the toggle system. The additional options incorporate an attached interface to the glass with structural silicone or 3MTM VHBTM2 structural glazing tape.

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