Volume 5, Issue 4,                                                     
July/August 2003






Invasion of the Body Shops
In recent years, body shops have begun entering the world 
of glass replacement. Turn to page 24 to see what the glass industry is saying about the trend.

Return of the Clones?
DNA was the major buzzword at this year’s Detroit Auto Show. Are the latest vehicles actually clones, though, or just distant relatives to the vehicles 
of the past?

Curing Lamp, Please!
Glass Surgeon in Williamston, N.C., is a growing repair company that started as a one-man shop. Find out how Woody Andrews ended up in the business and what keeps him there today.

A Time for Peace
See what you missed at the 2003 National Windshield Repair Association Conference in Las Vegas, February 21-22.


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