Volume 5, Issue 5,
September/October 2003



The Future of NAGS
As NAGS prepares for another revaluation, see what you can expect.

Buggin' Out
Replacement shops face customers who demand windshields equipped with 
manufacturers’ labels. 

Raisin' Arizona
Find out what new products will be unveiled at the National Auto Glass Conference in Scottsdale, Ariz., September 10-13.

All in the Family
Read about how Dennis Clark’s business has changed throughout the years.

Repair on the Defense
See what both the repair and replacement sides of the industry are saying about the controversial IGA windshield repair study.


Field of Vision - letter from the editor

NAGS Notes - hot topics

Independent's Day - an iga viewpoint

Off the Line - oem glass manufacturing news

The Cutting Edge - new car installations


Mailbox - letters

- breaking news

Industry Insider - people in the news

The Rear End - the last word

Windshield and Glass Repair

NWRA Update - association viewpoint

Repair Talk - thoughts from the shop

Tech Tips - helpful hints

WGRReports - repair news