Volume 6, Issue 3,                                                     
May/June 2004



Safety Stand - Find out how those who have already registered with AGRSS are using the standard in their shops daily.

Crash! - Find out what happens when several aspects of the auto repair and replacement industry met at the NACE Expo in Orlando, Fla., December 5-7.

A Tradition of Success - Bartelstone Glass has been in the auto glass distributing business since the 1890's. See how the company continues to thrive even into the new millenium.

Salvage Glass - One man's trash (windshield) may not be another man's treasure.




Field of Vision - letter from the editor

Trainer's Corner - training: advice and ideas

Customer Service - tips for quality service

Independent's Day - an IGA viewpoint


Mailbox - letters

AGRReports - breaking news

The Showroom - new products

Industry Insider - people in the news

Windshield and Glass Repair

Tech Tips - helpful hints

Repair Talk - thoughts from the shop

WGRReports - repair news