Volume 7, Issue 4 
  July/August 2005



Climate Change:  A cold hard look at whether there will be a cash market, and what it means if there is.

Showroom Floor Snapshot:  An overview of what attendees a the Auto Glass Conference & Expo in Minneapolis saw.

ABCs of Advertising:  You gotta market but the array of choices makes it a potential minefield of possibilities and risks.

Selling Safety:  Donna Braden of Jack's Glass in Allentown, Pa., tells what worked for her.

The Future of Windshield Repair:  Are we losing control of our industry while it still looks poised for big growth?  It sure seems possible.


Field of Vision Letter from the Editor

Customer Service  Tips for quality service

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Independent's Day  -  An IGA Viewpoint

Trainer's Corner  - On the job tips


Mailbox  -  Letters

AGRReports  -  Breaking News

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Tech Tips  -  Helpful Hints

Repair Talk  -  Thoughts from the Shop

WGRReports -  Repair News

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