Volume 8, Issue 4 
  July/August 2006



Talking with Diamond Trimuph's New Management Team:
Our exclusive, in-depth interview with Doug Boyle and Karen Christopher.

The "S" Word Part II:
The last part of our look at steering and its impact on the industry.

Shop Owners Report How AGRSS Helps Their Businesses:
Having guidelines makes it easier to deal with customers and insurance companies.

Straight Talk in Tucson:
Auto Glass Conference highlight is keynote address by Belron's Gary Lubner.

Laminated Sidelites Gaining Market Share:
Safety is not the factor driving this trend.


Field of Vision         letter from the editor

Customer Service         tips for quality service

Side Lites        guest opinion

Driving Technology        today's business practices

View from the Driver's Seat         the retail perspective


Mailbox            letters

Price Points       competitive pricing

AGRReports         breaking news

Industry Insiders         people in the news

Windshield and Glass Repair

Repair Round Up     NWRA reports

Repair Talk           NWRA Conference Coverage

WGRR Reports     repair news

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