Volume 9, Issue 2 
  March/April/May 2007


— Features —

Diversification isn’t easy, but it can be profitable.

We Don’t Have a Magic Wand
AGRR offers an exclusive interview with Gary Lubner.

Price Squeeze
Insurers put the clamps on payouts.

Agents of Change
Glass shops have long contended steering is robbing them of business. Three men are trying to change that.

Glass Shops See Fewer Jobs
AGR shops are seeing less insurance work and fight fewer jobs. 

How to Find New Customers
In the never ending pursuit of customers, the face to face approach is often the strategy.

High Anxiety
Executives from the auto glass industry gathered in Orlando for the National Auto Glass Conference.

Repair: The Judge’s View
Jay Bickford tackles the repair business and the industry’s Windshield Repair Olympics.


Field of Vision     letter from the editor

Customer Service    tips for quality service

Independent's Day   an iga viewpoint

Side Lites    guest opinion

Off the Line    the OEM glass perspective


AGR News Analysis       review of news events

AGRReports        breaking news     

The Showroom         new products

Industry Insiders    people in the news

Windshield and Glass Repair

Expert Advice      pros who know

Repair Roundup    NWRA reports

WGRReports    repair news


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