Volume 9, Issue
6   November/December 2007


— Features —

Chance Encounters
Rick Chance, former owner of Empire Auto Glass in Phoenix, led an exciting life up until his murder in August 2002. Contributing editor Les Shaver takes a look at his life and business dealings up until the night of his death.

Something for Everyone
Within these pages you’ll see all that went on during the busy Second Annual Auto Glass Week™ in Las Vegas.

The AGRR Buyer’s Guide 
Visit www.agrrmag.com for your guide to the industry’s resources and suppliers. 


Field of Vision     letter from the editor

Customer Service   tips for quality service

Independent's Day   an iga viewpoint

Off the Line   the oem glass perspective


AGRReports      breaking news    

The Showroom   new products 

Insurance Talk      policy briefs  

Industry Insiders   people in the news

Avocations        life beyond the auto glass business

Windshield and Glass Repair

WGRReports     repair news

Expert Advice     pros who know

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