Volume 10, Issue
1   January/February 2008


— Features —

Design Protection
Contributing editor Les Shaver takes a look at the possibility of auto manufacturers moving into the glass retail market.

IGA Conference Preview
Find out what to expect at the 2008 Independents’ Day Conference and Spring Auto Glass Show™ in Las Vegas, May 1-3. For full details visit www.iga.org

Clean, Green, with a Touch of Mean
Check out the latest glass options on display at the 2008 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

WGR: The Beat Goes On
The battle to find out what the revised draft standard of Z26.1 could do to the repair industry continues.


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Windshield and Glass Repair

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CLICK HERE to check out our preview of the National Auto Glass Conference in Tucson, Ariz., February 11-13, available only online at www.agrrmag.com.

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