Volume 10, Issue
2   March/April 2008



Find out what this important report might mean to you and your customers.

AGRSS Update
The Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard Council (AGRSS) currently is working to instate third-party validation for registered companies.

Tucson Time
Find out what you missed at the National Auto Glass Conference in Tucson, Ariz., in February. 

The Best of Belron US
In January, Belron US brought together 11 installers from across the United States to pick the Best of Belron US. The winner, Curtis Hooper of San Fernandino Beach, Fla., will head to the United Kingdom in May to compete in the worldwide competition. 

Honest & Truly Green
Publisher Deb Levy takes a look at the greening of this Bend, Ore.-based glass repair company.


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Windshield and Glass Repair

Repair Round-Up     NWRA reports

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Only Online

Visit www.agrrmag.com for additional photos and information from the National Auto Glass Conference in Tucson, Ariz., in February. 

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