March/April 2000

Field of Vision
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AGRSS-ive Standard

by Debra Levy


We published this issue of AGRR magazine a few weeks later than scheduled because we wanted to be able to include one of the most significant pieces of news to hit the auto glass industry in the past few years: the introduction of a standard for safe auto glass replacement.

The new ANSI Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard (AGRSS) is the culmination of nearly three years of work by volunteers who gave their own time and resources to help fill a void in safety standards for the industry. The initial draft of the standard appears in a special pull-out section. It is important to note that revisions and updates will be made to it on an ongoing basis.

Conceived by then-Independent Glass Association president Carl Jolliff of Jolliff Glass, the standard was developed by an AGRRS committee. Under his leadership, along with successive AGRSS chair Dean Mieske, formerly of the Performance Achievement Group, and now Hank Chamberlain of Automotive Glass Engineering, the standard involved input from hundreds of auto glass professionals. In addition to recognizing the need for such a standard, Jolliff also chose to develop it and seek recognition from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The ANSI process insures a fair standards development process.

The standard was accepted by ANSI in early February but its development has not been without controversy. Other groups have, over the years, attempted to develop similar standards. I am delighted to report that a unification process is under way, so that the AGRSS standard will be used throughout the industry.

Please take the time to read the draft in the center carefully and to become familiar with it. Make sure all your installers are educated about it—there’s information about ordering final copies on page 30. And please, if you have comments and/or suggestions, get involved with AGRSS. You can do so by calling the number on the order coupon.

In fact, beginning with this issue, all installations published in AGRR will conform to the AGRSS standard. At no time in its history has the auto glass industry’s installation methods been so suspect. (Please see “Lights, Camera ... Uh-Oh, Les Shaver’s story about the aftermath of the 20/20 report on page 34). It’s important to do it right ... and to know what “right” is.

Debra Levy, Publisher


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